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Choose clothing line for the little one is one of the toughest jobs in the world. There are

thousands of options to choose from; so it is obvious that you will be in a state of confusion. Here

in this article, your confusion will be at bay, because of the simple but powerful tips mentioned


1. Comfortable factor is important:

No matter what you choose for your baby, whether it is for everyday wear or for special

occasions. The thing that is important to keep in mind is that your baby should be comfortable

wearing it. Remember that your baby outfits should be colorful, flexible and obvious super cute. If

you are going for the jeans, then make sure it is well fitted; not tight. Leggings are the best options

to go for rather than jeans. It will be comfortable and as well as stylish too.

2. Eco-friendly clothes:

Even your little one clothing can be eco-friendly too. Bamboos are the best supplements to

the cotton for your little one. It has the capacity to adjust to your baby’s body temperature and

is best for layering. You can go for colors like ocean gray, grass green and sky blue. Go for

hypoallergenic and antibacterial material for your little one.

3. Designer wears:

Spending some extra money on some expensive clothes won’t hurt; unless you buy it in limited

numbers, as the baby will grow quickly, which will make the clothes useless for them after some

time. The designer wear is also offering a good number of baby wear which are stylish and as well

as comfortable too. Go for such clothing for your little one that is trendy and practical too.

4. Some basic tips;

Choose Velcro, elastic waistbands and snaps for making your little one wear it easily. Don’t

buy clothes with feathers, which can come off and can be allergic too. Avoid going for buttons,

they take a good amount of time, and if not properly sewn, then it can go to your little one mouth

as well.

You can go for one piece cloth that is easy to remove while changing the diaper of your little

ones. Don’t buy clothes with zippers, which are hectic to put on your baby. Always choose soft,

breathable and comfortable cloth line for your little one. Don’t forget to buy super cute accessories

like cap, jackets, and a small scarf for that added zest to your little ones clothing line.



Comments Off on How to create beautiful baby photos

We love to keep memories, especially of our little ones. It is important to get the best

moment click, and preserve in an appropriate manner; so that it can make you remember those

moments clearly. Here you will be learning some basic steps on how to create beautiful baby

photos, let’s start.


1. Setting up the surroundings:

The day time is the best for photographing your baby. Make sure that there is no obstruction

anywhere like furniture or anything else. Even the clothes of your baby should not have heavy

designed, graphics and tags that distract the attention from the baby itself; simple clothing is the

best. Make sure that the baby is properly fed, have taken rested and is not cranky in any way;

otherwise the whole photo shoot won’t be able to give you a single nice photo of your baby.


2. Avoid flashlight:

Even if you are shooting indoors, make sure that you don’t use the flashlight. The natural

look of the baby will not be seen properly in the photo. You can make way for the natural light

from Windows and that would be the best place for photographing your baby indoors. Outdoors

shooting should be done in the morning or late afternoon, where you don’t need a flashlight. Never

shoot at Peek hour, where the sun is at its best. If the shoot is at night, then it becomes compulsory

to use the flashlight.


3. Use different Angles:

Mostly we tend to photograph our baby from the straight angle, where the face is focused on;

but it is not compulsory to do so. You can take pictures from different angles, still keeping the

face in the spotlight. This way you will get the same picture with different angles, getting a lot of

variations. You can also keep your camera in burst or drive mode, to get continues clicks of your

baby; as they never stand still. This way, you may be lucky to get some great photograph of your


4. Adding an element of fun:

Your baby might be happy to shoot with his favorite toy that is completely OK; as it will add

an element to the photograph. You can also make him wear some accessories like cap, chain,

bracelet and other. But make sure that they should be simple, so that it won’t get all the attention

well photographing your baby.


After photo shoot, choose the best photos and frame it properly and hang it to your favorite

wall; so that whenever you see it, you remember your baby childhood.




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Comments Off on Know the reason behind your babies cry and how to soothe them?

Baby is a priceless gift given by god to a mother. A mother feels heavenly when the baby smiles. At the

same time, it gives a feeling of hell when they cry. It becomes very difficult for the mother to judge the

reason behind baby’s cry unless they have some knowledge about the common reasons behind their

struggle and the ways to soothe them. The current articles shares few common reasons behind baby’s cry

and the ways to soothe them.

Babies cannot speak so; cry is the only language for them to express different feelings like hunger, pain,

need for sleep, fear and many other feelings. It is quite tricky for the first-time mother to expect the

reason behind baby’s cry.



You will perceive hunger as prominent reason behind the cry. This is the case of most of the mothers.

Rather than judging with your perception, knowing about the signs of hunger will help you make a

perfect judgment. You can even feed the baby before he cries if you can identify the signs of hunger.

Few signs of hunger in babies include fussing, smacking of lips, rooting and putting their hands to their

mouth. You can calm it down by feeding them.


Dirty diaper

This another common reason behind baby’s cries. Some children will notify you immediately about the

dirty diaper by crying while some will tolerate it for a while. As soon as you change a diaper, you can see

blushing smiles on their face.


Needs sleep

A common misconception among the adults is that babies are lucky enough to sleep whenever and

wherever they want. In fact, it is very hard for them; they may cry expressing their need to sleep when

they are exhausted.


Wants to be held

Baby needs great cuddling from the parents during their initial months. The creation of god is

wonderful. The newborns can easily recognize the faces, voices and heartbeats of their parents.

Sometimes, they are good enough to know that unique smell of parents. Crying of babies can be

expressing their desire to be held to their parents. If you feel that your arms need some relief, you can

take the help of front carriers or sling.


Tummy troubles

If you find that your baby is crying in spite all your efforts to sooth him, tummy upset might be the

reason. He might be facing tummy trouble related to gas or colic. You can recognize the tummy

problems of the baby with few signs. A baby suffering from colic, you will see him crying continuously

for three hours in a day or three days in a week or three weeks in a row. If you observe that your baby

fusses right of after feeding, you have to pay immediate attention to address the problem. He may be

experiencing some tummy pain. Most of the parents take some over the counter medicine or prefer

using anti-gas drops. Taking the suggestion of a doctor in either case is advisable. Though you don’t

find your child suffering from any tummy upset, occasional gas pain make the situation miserable till he

works out so, if you suspect anything like that, try putting on his back, holding his feet or move legs in

by-cycle motion. Other reasons for baby’s tummy upset include milk allergy, constipation, stomach flu or

intestinal blockage. Consult a doctor if your child does not calm down after doing all these efforts.


Extreme cold or hot

You can observe babies crying when they are exposed to too cold much like removing clothes, change

diaper and clean with wet wipe. Babies love to stay warm; they are comfortable wearing an extra layer

to keep their body warm. At the same time, you should take care that you are not leaving the baby in

extreme warm conditions.


Small things

If your baby is crying continuously, you can check if their hair is wrapped around the tiny toe. Your baby

may start weeping if he is extremely sensitive to things like scratchy clothing tags or fabric. They will

notify you with crying if the position that they are held into the bottle is not correct.



Most of the babies cry because of teething as they push out through tender gums. If you are not sure

about the baby’s cry, you can check his gums with a finger and realize the emergence of new teeth


More or less simulation

Some babies are crying wanting less simulation. They feel irritated with the lights, noise and being

passed from hand to hand. They express their irritation through crying. Some babies on the contrary cry

wanting more simulation, you can calm them down to take them out and show the world they want to



Not feeling well

If your baby still crying after all these efforts, you should realize that something is wrong with his health.

Rule out the cause of illness by taking him to the doctor.





Comments Off on What is the significance of baby-name room decorations?

Nowadays, baby-names are also getting used as a part of exclusive wall decorations for kids’ rooms and thus this theme is quite interesting for all mothers. This kind of typical Baby-name room decorations are usually planned for either any nursery or any kid’s room. This kind of decoration will help the relatives or guests remember the names of the babies. On the other hand, the room-decoration can be customized in a decorative manner by means of implementing the concerned theme of room-interior for kid’s room.

In this case, only popular baby names need to be selected as per the American dictionary of baby-names so that the designs can be created in an exclusive manner. If you are also planning to do something like that, then you must look for the best name for your baby on the basis of which this kind of creative interior decoration can be made in your baby’s room. You must know how to choose a name for baby that can be used in the interior decoration of your baby’s room. In this case, you can make thorough online research for most popular baby names and check out different online websites providing you necessary information about the name.

You can also create either decals or stickers on the baby name in order to create a completely unique and graceful wall decoration of your baby’s room. In fact, nursery monograms are also being created in the similar manner. This is a popular concept and thus it is getting used by maximum mothers for making the room decoration of their babies quite special and innovative with refreshing ideas. If you are having an idea for nursery monogram design, then in that case you can contact us on or by filling out contact us form. You can also create your own designs and can utilize the same in order to get a refreshing and unique look.


Here are top 10 Popular Baby names for 2014

   Male                Female

 Liam                         Emma  Noah                         Olivia  Ethan                       Sophia  Mason                        Ava  Logan                     Isabella Lucas                          Mia Jacob                      Charlotte Jackson                      Emily  Aiden                       Harper  Jack                          Abigail




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Comments Off on Why breast milk is the best food for babies and infants?

Breast milk is considered as the best healthy baby food which is simply unbeatable. This kind of food is highly beneficial for the proper development and physical growth of babies along with the increase of weight and height. To be more precise, breast milk is highly responsible for maintaining proper health of the babies at least till 3 years from birth.

Though bottle-feeding is regarded as the best alternative for breast feeding but it fails to provide those vital nutrients those are present within mother’s milk. One of the main reasons why mother’s milk is referred to as the best baby food is that it increases the immunity power of the babies to a great extent as a result of which different diseases can be effectively and easily prevented from time to time. The antibodies that are present within mother’s milk are highly useful in strengthening the babies’ immunity system to a great extent. On the other hand, the digestive power of babies can also be enhanced or boosted up as a result of the same along with the improvement of the metabolism system.

Your baby will never suffer from stomach ache or cramps due to congestion while taking breast milk on a regular basis. Different kinds of severe diseases or critical illnesses like diabetes, inflammatory bowel-diseases and high cholesterol can be highly avoided by the babies if breast milk is provided to them. If you make a thorough analysis of Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding, then you will surely come to know about the basic differences in between the two. Breast milk provides necessary amount of vitamins and calcium to the body of the babies as a result of which the bone joints and muscle fibers of babies can gain the outstanding strength.

On the other hand, the babies remain full of energy and vitality throughout the day by avoiding unwanted inactiveness. The blood-pressure can also be effectively controlled by the same along with proper nourishment. As per the medical reviews online, there are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding and this you must go through those web based reviews in order to have a fair idea about the same. The heath experts and child specialists say that breast milk is also quite useful in developing and energizing the brain cells of babies. This brain development is highly needed for getting an improved study life and moreover it will also help in leading a healthy life.





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Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to redecorate your current one, doing home décor yourself can be a daunting task. There are so many options available to choose from, that decision making becomes difficult. It’s so easy to buy everything off the rack but real joy is experienced when you put in thought and personality to your décor and bring it to fruition. Here are a few home decor tips, tricks and ideas to help you decorate more efficiently:

It is always good to avoid clutter. Having too much furniture gives a messy and untidy look to your room. Do not have any furniture in the room that you can live without. Select a color theme. It could come from any permanent fixture of the room a painting, the bed, a rug etc. could help you decide on how to go about deciding the décor of the room, color wise. It is a common belief the keeping furniture together makes the room appear bigger but this isn’t true. You should arrange the sofas and the chairs so that they facilitate conversation groups. Have a clear traffic flow around the furniture to make it easily navigable. Invest in furniture wisely. Sofas and dining tables stay with you for long so don’t be tightfisted while making such purchases. Also before buying measure your room. There is no point in purchasing a lovely sofa set if it won’t fit! If you are on a tight budget then you can go cheap on the accessories. It is always good to mix the good and costly décor items with the flea market bought, no one notices. Paint. Bored with the same monotonous theme of the room. Get a new paintjob. If you are unsure about totally revamping the wall colors then just go for a bold color for an accent wall and see how it changes the whole mood of the room. Use your corners wisely. You might not have a whole room just for reading but you place a comfortable chair in a free corner of your bedroom or dining room and voila you have the perfect reading space! Night lamps and adjustable lamps that can be affixed to walls can be a great way to save space and use side tables for other useful purposes.Shop at Wallconsilia




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We think that you don’t need to have one particular day, such as Valentine’s Day, to say to your beloved ones how much they mean to you! Decals are a magnificent way to tell them every days of the Love that is all around them. And perfectly, this one is simply enjoyable, and real. How wonderful are you two together? It doesn’t even have to be a loved one or a partner or boyfriend girlfriend. This one particular is so wonderful for brothers and sisters, family members, roommates and so on. However don’t see anything you love? Look at our entire tree wall decal section. Graphical design and style represents a large part in distribution the positivity all over. Awesome and trendy background scenes, nice swirls, and exclusive print styles all play a role to creating items much more successfully attractive in wall decals. I individually love our nursery designs due to the fact they can go up only about anywhere, and once used, appear colored on. They’re also a excellent indication that you can look at all over your day. As human beings living throughout this time, we’re regularly experienced with negative thoughts, stress filled scenarios, quickly moving life, and it’s good to have anything enjoyable to look at on your bedroom wall or any other room walls, even if it’s simply a personalized monogram on the wall or cute forest animals. On the most severe of days, it could modify your viewpoint on almost everything. On the most effective of a short time, it could produce the most joyful of happiness, and on those tedious days, it could point out to you of how blessed and lucky we are, no matter of what’s going on at the moment in time. I also prefer for flower wall decals, it’s the ideal addition, in my opinion, to a fresh house. Particularly when it’s a stunning day in the high Sixties where all the doorways and house windows are open, your favorite music is playing, and no one else is around to hassle you. Fantastic, I inform you. A blend of old and new wall stickers for nursery can really help to carry life to the place and give your kids that exclusive play area they so are entitled to. Do anything that you really like nowadays, and each and every day!


Try Wallconsilia





Comments Off on Do It Yourself: Home Décor

For many the task of decorating one’s own house is especially joyful. We take all the time in the world in picking out even the smallest things, because nothing less than perfect can suit the home. Be it furniture, curtains, wall paint, cushion covers or plants everything requires a great deal of thought and more importantly money.

Here are a few tips and ideas on Home Décor that you can try yourself:

Settle on a Theme: Have a picture in your head about how you want the room to look like. Draw it out in a notebook. Make notes about things that you would like to see in the room. You can even select pictures from newspapers and magazines and keep them in the notebook. Having a list of selected ideas to choose from helps a lot in decision making. Change and Repair: In your notebook also make a list of items that you wish replaced and those which you can repair. This will help in managing your expenses much more efficiently. Take Your Time: If it’s a new house that you have just moved into then settle in first, spend some time in prioritizing what you need for the décor. Do not buy everything at once in a hurry. Do Bedrooms First: Most of us spend our maximum time in the bedroom after all. Start with the bed. Buy some decent sheets with a high thread count (number of threads woven per square inch) and match it with a good paint on the bedroom walls. Matching is not always good: Furniture and Home Décor stores love to match and set things up in display so that you buy things in a set. Fight that urge! A few items that match are fine but more than that creates a lifeless, shop-like look. Put in your personality while decorating. Mix and match! Money may not be the answer: Solve your practical décor problems by making inexpensive items yourself. For e.g. make cushion covers from old t-shirts or sweaters, use faulty bulbs to make transparent pots for small plants that you can hang anywhere, even empty wine bottles can be used to make pots and instead of buying new furniture you can always freshen them up with a batch of paint. Be a savvy shopper! Create Space: Don’t be too far-fetched in your plans for decoration. Create Space for things that you want to do – like painting, cooking and then set about accomplishing those small tasks. Bigger the plans, more likely are you to be disappointed if they don’t come through. Look for Alternatives: These days there is more to decorating your walls then just painting them, you can find a variety of easy to apply wall decal ideas from Wallconsilia. These custom made wall decals can be great addition to your babies nursery or any other room walls.

Try Walconsillia – you’ll stick with us.





Comments Off on Wall decals allow everyone that dream nursery you always wanted

You see the pictures that are being pinned on Pinterest. Elaborate nurseries that make you suddenly have a strong desire to have a child just to design a room. However, if you live in an apartment or a rental home, the ability to do anything to make that room your own may be prohibited. This is where nursery wall decals are beneficial. Wall decals at Wallconsilia are easy to install and easy to remove. You can custom order your decal, personalizing the room just for your child. You can clean them with a soft cloth to dust them off and remove any residue. More importantly, wall decals are water proof and they can be moved so you can take your memories with you. There are hundreds of different wallpaper designs on the market that you can create themed rooms. They all have a few flaws though; with the most important being, they require glue and a lot of work. Wall decals are essentially vinyl stickers. You remove the backing and carefully adhere them to your wall following instructions that are sent for your benefit. There is no gluing required. You will want to make the surface of your walls are clean for a good attachment. You can create any design you want with wall decals, trees, branches, blossoms, flowers,  birds and various forest animals. In addition to the graphics, you can purchase wall decals that look like wallpaper if you want a pattern on your wall with different colors. Solid color walls offer a clear slate for limitless options. Consider decorating with a theme, or putting their name and birth announcement over their crib. When your child has begun to gain interests in characters, switch out their designs for graphics they love and will continue to grow with them. The wall decals offer more versatility, giving you the ability to design that dream nursery. Check out our Wallconsilia design section Try Walconsillia – you’ll stick with us





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Nothing is more fun than getting the nursery ready for a new baby. And with all the fun wall decals available these days, you can make your baby’s room look like you hired a professional decorator. Wall stickers are easy to apply, and to remove when it’s time for a change. There’s a large variety of patterns, and you’ll always find something to go with your theme. First Things First Before you begin to decorate you’ll want to prepare your walls. The walls are the canvas for your masterpiece and if they’re faded and worn, it’s hard to make your room look right. Here are a few ideas for updating your walls. Bead Board – Bright white bead board looks fresh and cozy and it’s the perfect accent for a cute nursery. (Did you know you can even get wallpaper that looks like beadboard? It’s much easier to apply, and looks like the real thing.) Speaking of Wallpaper – there’s no limit to the different nursery prints available. From Sesame Street, to princess patterns, if you can imagine it, you can probably find it in a wallpaper store. One popular use of this wall treatment is to paper the bottom half of a wall and paint the top half in a complementary color. Next, tie the two areas together by placing a wallpaper border or strip of decorative molding at the midline of paper and paint. Speaking of paint – the old standby is new again, with ever changing textures and color combinations. Paint is easy and inexpensive, and a fresh coat always brightens a room. Another plus is that a freshly painted surface is the perfect backdrop for a wall sticker or decal. Speaking of decals – we have large variety of different patterns of wall stickers for many rooms in your home. Our nursery decals come with large trees with birds, forest animals, bugs and zoo animal themes. For a unique way to decorate your home, visit us at and see for yourself. Try Walconsillia – you’ll stick with us.



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