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Nothing is more fun than getting the nursery ready for a new baby. And with all the fun wall decals available these days, you can make your baby’s room look like you hired a professional decorator. Wall stickers are easy to apply, and to remove when it’s time for a change. There’s a large variety of patterns, and you’ll always find something to go with your theme.

First Things First

Before you begin to decorate you’ll want to prepare your walls. The walls are the canvas for your masterpiece and if they’re faded and worn, it’s hard to make your room look right. Here are a few ideas for updating your walls.

Bead Board – Bright white bead board looks fresh and cozy and it’s the perfect accent for a cute nursery.

(Did you know you can even get wallpaper that looks like beadboard? It’s much easier to apply, and looks like the real thing.)

Speaking of Wallpaper – there’s no limit to the different nursery prints available. From Sesame Street, to princess patterns, if you can imagine it, you can probably find it in a wallpaper store. One popular use of this wall treatment is to paper the bottom half of a wall and paint the top half in a complementary color. Next, tie the two areas together by placing a wallpaper border or strip of decorative molding at the midline of paper and paint.

Speaking of paint – the old standby is new again, with ever changing textures and color combinations. Paint is easy and inexpensive, and a fresh coat always brightens a room. Another plus is that a freshly painted surface is the perfect backdrop for a wall sticker or decal.

Speaking of decals – we have large variety of different patterns of wall stickers for many rooms in your home. Our nursery decals come with large trees with birds, forest animals, bugs and zoo animal themes. For a unique way to decorate your home, visit us at and see for yourself.

Try Walconsillia – you’ll stick with us.



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