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You want to jump… You want to shout and tell the whole world about it… You wish you had a massive megaphone…

Hey lady! Calm down. We know you are excited for the new baby and you want to announce this news to everyone you know. However, we know a classy little way in which the world will get to know about your baby. Yes, we are talking about a maternity photoshoot. This is a small but memorable moment that you will share with your baby, even before birth. Regardless to say, this moment will be cherished forever. It is quite obvious that you want to hurry up and share the news with the world. However, waiting for a nice maternity photoshoot is definitely worth the wait.

The number of maternity photoshoots has taken a high rise in the past few years. This is because people like to share the news of their baby on social networks. Hence, talking to a good photographer could be of great help to you. Let us take a look at some steps that you need to follow in order to get the best maternity photoshoot.

Baby steps to a great maternity photoshoot

Talk to a good photographer

We are sure that you will be able to find the contact details of many good photographers in town. However, for you, it is important that he has experience in maternity photography. A person who has been clicking high school portraits till date will never bring the quintessential appeal of a maternity photograph creativity for you. Hence, always look for experience and specialization. You should check the previous works of the photographer in order to check what kind of creativity he can bring in your photographs.

Choose the time of the photoshoot

Do you want to get a maternity photoshoot as soon as you discover you are pregnant? Do you want to wait for the final trimester in order to get the best baby picture? In either case, it all depends on your personal choice. However, maternity photos usually look the best when you are running the second or third trimester. At this time, you have a fully belly which can easily be shown off to people. If you also want to announce the gender of the baby or its name, that can be done too. Just make sure that you find the right time at which you wish to conduct this photoshoot. During the first trimester, your body is usually undergoing a lot of changes and you might feel morning sickness, fatigue and other such issues more frequently as compared to the other two trimesters. So waiting for a time when your body is more stable usually pays off well.

Decide the theme of the photoshoot

This is the trickiest part of them all. Deciding the theme for the maternity photoshoot could become a difficult task for you as well as your photographer. You would likely have to brainstorm on a lot of ideas and then discuss them all with your photographer in order to choose the most suitable theme. If you already have some idea or theme in mind, no matter how vague, don’t forget to share it. It would improve your chances of getting the best photoshoot you can ever have.

Choose the place

The theme of your photoshoot will decide the setting or backdrop of the picture. It could either be outdoor or indoor. It all depends on your personal preference or the photo theme. You can either choose your home, a park, a beach or even the photographer’s own studio in order to get the picture of your choice. Once the place has been selected, you need to hurry up and get to the next step.

Choose your dress

Well, you are the proud momma and it is you who will be primarily featured in the picture. Hence, it is essential that you choose the right dress for yourself. Make sure that you are doing your best in order to look great. However, wear only what is comfortable. There is no need to slip into tight clothes just because you want to look great. Choose looser fittings that make you feel comfy all the time. The photoshoot takes time and you certainly don’t want to stand there in the most uncomfortable clothes you could find.

Call everyone who is involved

Do you want your whole family or your partner in the picture? Well, give them a call and tell them to be on time. This is the time when you can really shine and get the most out of your picture. Make sure that no one gets left out.

Now, you are all set to say ‘CHEEEEEZE’. Give your biggest and broadest smile and let everyone know that you are very excited for the baby.

Are you short of ideas for the photoshoot? If yes, then take hints from the ideas that we are discussing below. They could help you in getting the best pictures for your baby. Take a look.

Ideas for a great maternity photoshoot

Yeah, we are bored of those belly pictures. We know that your partner making a heart over your pregnant belly is too clichéd and we know that you are looking for something new and different. This is the reason why we are bringing some nice ideas which can be used by you in order to get a great maternity picture. These ideas are very simple and would instantly strike to you. Check out what can be done by you.

Relive the memory

Remember the first time when you met him… where did you meet? What were you wearing? Which place was it? Remember all those tiny details and you will be able to recreate the memories into a beautiful pregnancy picture. This picture will be special for two reasons. First, it would show your baby bump and second, it would depict the place where the journey of your love began. Dress up in the same (or similar) clothes and get a photo clicked in the same place. There is nothing better than a picture that binds the past and the future so well. Isn’t this a great idea?

Feel Mother Nature close to you

A maternity picture clicked near the woods or in a natural landscape looks more beautiful that any edited pictured. Hence, you should be going somewhere near the forest, woods or other such places near you for that perfect picture. If you do not have any such natural areas around your house, then you should probably focus on getting a picture clicked in a nearby park. It would be a great thing to do.

In case you do not find such a place, then you could be clicking a picture in your home, especially in your backyard. Plant a tree in the name of your child and get a picture clicked while you are watering this little plant. It has a great symbolic value as well. You nurture the tree just like you nurture your baby. Hence, the photo looks very appealing. Make sure that you keep watering this tree later on as well. After all, this tree has announced the arrival of your child in the world.

Play with frames and props

Do you wish you could get a great picture clicked inside your home? In that case, you could play a little with props and get the best pictures clicked for yourself. Huge frames for you and your partner held before your face will look good. Let your partner hold the frame for himself and for you. On the other hand, you should hold the frame in front of your belly. The picture looks really nice.

You can also use umbrellas, shoes and other such props in order to get a perfect photograph inside your house. A good idea could be picturing yourself in a unique way instead of focusing on your belly. You can show your shoes, your partner’s shoes and the shoes for a tiny tot to signify that a new member is coming to your household soon. If you want the people to know the gender of your baby, choose appropriate shoes. If you do not wish to reveal the gender of your baby, then you can probably look for modifications in this pic. In this case, you or your partner can hold both the shoes and give an expression of wonder on the baby’s gender. You could be sitting down smiling at his amazement. The picture looks so natural that you will get compliments almost instantly.

Remember the good old belly pic with you and your partner standing close to each other and holding your belly. You can give a nice twist to that picture. Just stand in the same posture outdoors and let an umbrella show a silhouette of you both. In this way, you give a creative new twist to the classic maternity picture.

Splash colors all around

Do you have older children as well? In that case, you will certainly enjoy the splash of colors that comes your way in this idea. Dress up your family in clothes of the theme color. Orange is the new black in this case. It works as the perfect significance for fun and the arrival of a new life in your house. If you have a pet, let it join the family photo as well. You can get this photo clicked in any part of your house and it would look equally great.

The Victorian portrait

Do you want a maternity picture involving your entire family? Do you want to give a very regal look to your picture? In that case, you will have to put in a little more efforts in designing the right backdrop for your image and also finding the right costumes for your family. Getting a Victorian style portrait of your entire family would make it look different as well as classy. We bet that your friends did not even think about this idea ever before.

You could all be making the classic poker face for this image or you can let the rest of the family wear their costumes and stay as stiff as a wooden block. You, on the other hand, should be dressed in your cheerful and bright dress announcing the arrival of your baby. This twist to the picture makes it look interesting because of which it instantly catches your attention. You can also make more modifications to the picture. For example, you can let your older child do the honors of announcement in a bright colored modern outfit while the rest dress up in their costumes. Another variation could be you and your partner wearing the costumes while the rest stay in their everyday clothes. If it is your first child, then you can probably get such a picture clicked against a rich Victorian backdrop while you wear bright and funny costumes. The options are many, you just need to be creative enough.

Maternity photographs can be serious or they can be fun. It all depends on your choice as well as your creativity. We suggest that you search the internet for some more cool ideas that can make your maternity pictures look amazing. You don’t really have to adopt an idea as it is. Make some changes here or there or experiment yourself. In this way, your picture would look unique and more beautiful than everyone else.

As a new mom, the first pictures of joy i.e. your sonogram can also be shared in the maternity photoshoot. Click plenty of pictures, start posing and make sure that you choose the best picture. Take good care of yourself and start searching for the perfect maternity picture idea right away. In the end, we would like to wish you the best of luck and health. May your baby be a happy and beautiful child. Don’t forget to share the pictures you have clicked. We will be glad to see those amazing pictures.



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We love to keep memories, especially of our little ones. It is important to get the best

moment click, and preserve in an appropriate manner; so that it can make you remember those

moments clearly. Here you will be learning some basic steps on how to create beautiful baby

photos, let’s start.


1. Setting up the surroundings:

The day time is the best for photographing your baby. Make sure that there is no obstruction

anywhere like furniture or anything else. Even the clothes of your baby should not have heavy

designed, graphics and tags that distract the attention from the baby itself; simple clothing is the

best. Make sure that the baby is properly fed, have taken rested and is not cranky in any way;

otherwise the whole photo shoot won’t be able to give you a single nice photo of your baby.


2. Avoid flashlight:

Even if you are shooting indoors, make sure that you don’t use the flashlight. The natural

look of the baby will not be seen properly in the photo. You can make way for the natural light

from Windows and that would be the best place for photographing your baby indoors. Outdoors

shooting should be done in the morning or late afternoon, where you don’t need a flashlight. Never

shoot at Peek hour, where the sun is at its best. If the shoot is at night, then it becomes compulsory

to use the flashlight.


3. Use different Angles:

Mostly we tend to photograph our baby from the straight angle, where the face is focused on;

but it is not compulsory to do so. You can take pictures from different angles, still keeping the

face in the spotlight. This way you will get the same picture with different angles, getting a lot of

variations. You can also keep your camera in burst or drive mode, to get continues clicks of your

baby; as they never stand still. This way, you may be lucky to get some great photograph of your


4. Adding an element of fun:

Your baby might be happy to shoot with his favorite toy that is completely OK; as it will add

an element to the photograph. You can also make him wear some accessories like cap, chain,

bracelet and other. But make sure that they should be simple, so that it won’t get all the attention

well photographing your baby.


After photo shoot, choose the best photos and frame it properly and hang it to your favorite

wall; so that whenever you see it, you remember your baby childhood.



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