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We love to keep memories, especially of our little ones. It is important to get the best

moment click, and preserve in an appropriate manner; so that it can make you remember those

moments clearly. Here you will be learning some basic steps on how to create beautiful baby

photos, let’s start.


1. Setting up the surroundings:

The day time is the best for photographing your baby. Make sure that there is no obstruction

anywhere like furniture or anything else. Even the clothes of your baby should not have heavy

designed, graphics and tags that distract the attention from the baby itself; simple clothing is the

best. Make sure that the baby is properly fed, have taken rested and is not cranky in any way;

otherwise the whole photo shoot won’t be able to give you a single nice photo of your baby.


2. Avoid flashlight:

Even if you are shooting indoors, make sure that you don’t use the flashlight. The natural

look of the baby will not be seen properly in the photo. You can make way for the natural light

from Windows and that would be the best place for photographing your baby indoors. Outdoors

shooting should be done in the morning or late afternoon, where you don’t need a flashlight. Never

shoot at Peek hour, where the sun is at its best. If the shoot is at night, then it becomes compulsory

to use the flashlight.


3. Use different Angles:

Mostly we tend to photograph our baby from the straight angle, where the face is focused on;

but it is not compulsory to do so. You can take pictures from different angles, still keeping the

face in the spotlight. This way you will get the same picture with different angles, getting a lot of

variations. You can also keep your camera in burst or drive mode, to get continues clicks of your

baby; as they never stand still. This way, you may be lucky to get some great photograph of your


4. Adding an element of fun:

Your baby might be happy to shoot with his favorite toy that is completely OK; as it will add

an element to the photograph. You can also make him wear some accessories like cap, chain,

bracelet and other. But make sure that they should be simple, so that it won’t get all the attention

well photographing your baby.


After photo shoot, choose the best photos and frame it properly and hang it to your favorite

wall; so that whenever you see it, you remember your baby childhood.




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