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You see the pictures that are being pinned on Pinterest. Elaborate nurseries that make you suddenly have a strong desire to have a child just to design a room. However, if you live in an apartment or a rental home, the ability to do anything to make that room your own may be prohibited. This is where nursery wall decals are beneficial.

Wall decals at Wallconsilia are easy to install and easy to remove. You can custom order your decal, personalizing the room just for your child. You can clean them with a soft cloth to dust them off and remove any residue. More importantly, wall decals are water proof and they can be moved so you can take your memories with you.

There are hundreds of different wallpaper designs on the market that you can create themed rooms. They all have a few flaws though; with the most important being, they require glue and a lot of work. Wall decals are essentially vinyl stickers. You remove the backing and carefully adhere them to your wall following instructions that are sent for your benefit. There is no gluing required. You will want to make the surface of your walls are clean for a good attachment.

You can create any design you want with wall decals, trees, branches, blossoms, flowers,  birds and various forest animals. In addition to the graphics, you can purchase wall decals that look like wallpaper if you want a pattern on your wall with different colors. Solid color walls offer a clear slate for limitless options. Consider decorating with a theme, or putting their name and birth announcement over their crib. When your child has begun to gain interests in characters, switch out their designs for graphics they love and will continue to grow with them. The wall decals offer more versatility, giving you the ability to design that dream nursery.

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