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Baby is a priceless gift given by god to a mother. A mother feels heavenly when the baby smiles. At the

same time, it gives a feeling of hell when they cry. It becomes very difficult for the mother to judge the

reason behind baby’s cry unless they have some knowledge about the common reasons behind their

struggle and the ways to soothe them. The current articles shares few common reasons behind baby’s cry

and the ways to soothe them.

Babies cannot speak so; cry is the only language for them to express different feelings like hunger, pain,

need for sleep, fear and many other feelings. It is quite tricky for the first-time mother to expect the

reason behind baby’s cry.



You will perceive hunger as prominent reason behind the cry. This is the case of most of the mothers.

Rather than judging with your perception, knowing about the signs of hunger will help you make a

perfect judgment. You can even feed the baby before he cries if you can identify the signs of hunger.

Few signs of hunger in babies include fussing, smacking of lips, rooting and putting their hands to their

mouth. You can calm it down by feeding them.


Dirty diaper

This another common reason behind baby’s cries. Some children will notify you immediately about the

dirty diaper by crying while some will tolerate it for a while. As soon as you change a diaper, you can see

blushing smiles on their face.


Needs sleep

A common misconception among the adults is that babies are lucky enough to sleep whenever and

wherever they want. In fact, it is very hard for them; they may cry expressing their need to sleep when

they are exhausted.


Wants to be held

Baby needs great cuddling from the parents during their initial months. The creation of god is

wonderful. The newborns can easily recognize the faces, voices and heartbeats of their parents.

Sometimes, they are good enough to know that unique smell of parents. Crying of babies can be

expressing their desire to be held to their parents. If you feel that your arms need some relief, you can

take the help of front carriers or sling.


Tummy troubles

If you find that your baby is crying in spite all your efforts to sooth him, tummy upset might be the

reason. He might be facing tummy trouble related to gas or colic. You can recognize the tummy

problems of the baby with few signs. A baby suffering from colic, you will see him crying continuously

for three hours in a day or three days in a week or three weeks in a row. If you observe that your baby

fusses right of after feeding, you have to pay immediate attention to address the problem. He may be

experiencing some tummy pain. Most of the parents take some over the counter medicine or prefer

using anti-gas drops. Taking the suggestion of a doctor in either case is advisable. Though you don’t

find your child suffering from any tummy upset, occasional gas pain make the situation miserable till he

works out so, if you suspect anything like that, try putting on his back, holding his feet or move legs in

by-cycle motion. Other reasons for baby’s tummy upset include milk allergy, constipation, stomach flu or

intestinal blockage. Consult a doctor if your child does not calm down after doing all these efforts.


Extreme cold or hot

You can observe babies crying when they are exposed to too cold much like removing clothes, change

diaper and clean with wet wipe. Babies love to stay warm; they are comfortable wearing an extra layer

to keep their body warm. At the same time, you should take care that you are not leaving the baby in

extreme warm conditions.


Small things

If your baby is crying continuously, you can check if their hair is wrapped around the tiny toe. Your baby

may start weeping if he is extremely sensitive to things like scratchy clothing tags or fabric. They will

notify you with crying if the position that they are held into the bottle is not correct.



Most of the babies cry because of teething as they push out through tender gums. If you are not sure

about the baby’s cry, you can check his gums with a finger and realize the emergence of new teeth


More or less simulation

Some babies are crying wanting less simulation. They feel irritated with the lights, noise and being

passed from hand to hand. They express their irritation through crying. Some babies on the contrary cry

wanting more simulation, you can calm them down to take them out and show the world they want to



Not feeling well

If your baby still crying after all these efforts, you should realize that something is wrong with his health.

Rule out the cause of illness by taking him to the doctor.




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