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For many the task of decorating one’s own house is especially joyful. We take all the time in the world in picking out even the smallest things, because nothing less than perfect can suit the home. Be it furniture, curtains, wall paint, cushion covers or plants everything requires a great deal of thought and more importantly money.

Here are a few tips and ideas on Home Décor that you can try yourself:

  • Settle on a Theme: Have a picture in your head about how you want the room to look like. Draw it out in a notebook. Make notes about things that you would like to see in the room. You can even select pictures from newspapers and magazines and keep them in the notebook. Having a list of selected ideas to choose from helps a lot in decision making.
  • Change and Repair: In your notebook also make a list of items that you wish replaced and those which you can repair. This will help in managing your expenses much more efficiently.
  • Take Your Time: If it’s a new house that you have just moved into then settle in first, spend some time in prioritizing what you need for the décor. Do not buy everything at once in a hurry.
  • Do Bedrooms First: Most of us spend our maximum time in the bedroom after all. Start with the bed. Buy some decent sheets with a high thread count (number of threads woven per square inch) and match it with a good paint on the bedroom walls.
  • Matching is not always good: Furniture and Home Décor stores love to match and set things up in display so that you buy things in a set. Fight that urge! A few items that match are fine but more than that creates a lifeless, shop-like look. Put in your personality while decorating. Mix and match!
  • Money may not be the answer: Solve your practical décor problems by making inexpensive items yourself. For e.g. make cushion covers from old t-shirts or sweaters, use faulty bulbs to make transparent pots for small plants that you can hang anywhere, even empty wine bottles can be used to make pots and instead of buying new furniture you can always freshen them up with a batch of paint. Be a savvy shopper!
  • Create Space: Don’t be too far-fetched in your plans for decoration. Create Space for things that you want to do – like painting, cooking and then set about accomplishing those small tasks. Bigger the plans, more likely are you to be disappointed if they don’t come through.
  • Look for Alternatives: These days there is more to decorating your walls then just painting them, you can find a variety of easy to apply wall decal ideas from Wallconsilia. These custom made wall decals can be great addition to your babies nursery or any other room walls.

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