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Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to redecorate your current one, doing home décor yourself can be a daunting task. There are so many options available to choose from, that decision making becomes difficult. It’s so easy to buy everything off the rack but real joy is experienced when you put in thought and personality to your décor and bring it to fruition.
Here are a few home decor tips, tricks and ideas to help you decorate more efficiently:

  • It is always good to avoid clutter. Having too much furniture gives a messy and untidy look to your room. Do not have any furniture in the room that you can live without.
  • Select a color theme. It could come from any permanent fixture of the room a painting, the bed, a rug etc. could help you decide on how to go about deciding the décor of the room, color wise.
  • It is a common belief the keeping furniture together makes the room appear bigger but this isn’t true. You should arrange the sofas and the chairs so that they facilitate conversation groups. Have a clear traffic flow around the furniture to make it easily navigable.
  • Invest in furniture wisely. Sofas and dining tables stay with you for long so don’t be tightfisted while making such purchases. Also before buying measure your room. There is no point in purchasing a lovely sofa set if it won’t fit!
  • If you are on a tight budget then you can go cheap on the accessories. It is always good to mix the good and costly décor items with the flea market bought, no one notices.
  • Paint. Bored with the same monotonous theme of the room. Get a new paintjob. If you are unsure about totally revamping the wall colors then just go for a bold color for an accent wall and see how it changes the whole mood of the room.
  • Use your corners wisely. You might not have a whole room just for reading but you place a comfortable chair in a free corner of your bedroom or dining room and voila you have the perfect reading space!
  • Night lamps and adjustable lamps that can be affixed to walls can be a great way to save space and use side tables for other useful purposes.Shop at Wallconsilia


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