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Breast milk is considered as the best healthy baby food which is simply unbeatable. This kind of food is highly beneficial for the proper development and physical growth of babies along with the increase of weight and height. To be more precise, breast milk is highly responsible for maintaining proper health of the babies at least till 3 years from birth.

Though bottle-feeding is regarded as the best alternative for breast feeding but it fails to provide those vital nutrients those are present within mother’s milk. One of the main reasons why mother’s milk is referred to as the best baby food is that it increases the immunity power of the babies to a great extent as a result of which different diseases can be effectively and easily prevented from time to time. The antibodies that are present within mother’s milk are highly useful in strengthening the babies’ immunity system to a great extent. On the other hand, the digestive power of babies can also be enhanced or boosted up as a result of the same along with the improvement of the metabolism system.

Your baby will never suffer from stomach ache or cramps due to congestion while taking breast milk on a regular basis. Different kinds of severe diseases or critical illnesses like diabetes, inflammatory bowel-diseases and high cholesterol can be highly avoided by the babies if breast milk is provided to them. If you make a thorough analysis of Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding, then you will surely come to know about the basic differences in between the two. Breast milk provides necessary amount of vitamins and calcium to the body of the babies as a result of which the bone joints and muscle fibers of babies can gain the outstanding strength.

On the other hand, the babies remain full of energy and vitality throughout the day by avoiding unwanted inactiveness. The blood-pressure can also be effectively controlled by the same along with proper nourishment. As per the medical reviews online, there are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding and this you must go through those web based reviews in order to have a fair idea about the same. The heath experts and child specialists say that breast milk is also quite useful in developing and energizing the brain cells of babies. This brain development is highly needed for getting an improved study life and moreover it will also help in leading a healthy life.



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