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The most powerful creation in the world is a life growing inside you. Motherhood is undoubtedly the most beautiful period in any woman’s life. Nine months of emotional, physical and the mental roller coaster ride is the time of your life that you can never forget, whether you’re conceiving the first time or second. As overwhelming it can get for you, there are more than a gazillion factors you have to take into account. A woman becomes a mother the day her baby is born. Being pregnant is one the most amazing experience and feeling for any woman. Embrace, celebrate and love this phase of your life as much as you can, for it is followed by another alluring chapter of being a mother and a parent for a life created by you.

It is a matter of immense happiness and joy accompanied with a lot of responsibilities to grow a child inside you. Therefore, primitively ensure that you and your body are prepared in all aspects, so that you do not consider second options later. To simplify your thought process on the former, we provide you with some tips that you must take into consideration before trying to get pregnant.

Get a health checkup from a well recognized obstetrician/ gynecologist-

Although some believe that you should consult a doctor after you know that you’re conceived, but we recommend that you get a thorough health check up with your doctor, as it will make your endeavor to plan your child very easy. And if there are any issues or complications that you’re not aware of, you can get treated in advance.

Amend your lifestyle – Eat healthy, Stay healthy-

Induce a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, protein loaded products and milk and milk products. Ensure a balanced diet and do not skip meals, esp. breakfast. Be physically active, on a regular basis. Go for a brisk walk in the morning as it will keep your heart and lungs healthy, as these organs have to perform extra work during pregnancy.

If required, gain/ lose weight-

If you’re overweight or obese, you might suffer from a lot of complications during and after the pregnancy. Researches show that overweight women are at the highest risk of infertility. Ergo, with the help of your doctor, follow a healthy weight loss regime and avoid dieting. If you’re underweight, you might have problems in conceiving too, so try to increase your weight to a healthy scale.

Quit bad habits-

If you’re a chain smoker or enjoy a puff or two at times, stop doing it as the chance of having a premature baby increases. Also, ask your spouse or partner to quit smoking as the tobacco is the prime reason for low mortality and less sperm count. Passive smoking also affects infertility. Avoid drinking alcohol too.

After planning, stop using birth – control-

Once you and your partner make the decision of planning a child, stop using all birth control measures. Most doctors insist on getting pregnant after your monthly menstruation, as then you can decide the birth date of your child. Also, the chances of conceiving elevates after deserting birth controls.

Do not take any medications without the consultation of your doctor-

Do not take any medicine without your doctor’s recommendation. Also, don’t purchase any herbal products from the market which claim to be 100 per cent natural, as it can be harmful for your baby.

Intake nutrients and acquire a good diet-

It is very important that in pregnancy, you ensure adequate diet and growth of the fetus. As in the earlier stages of pregnancy, you are bound to witness nausea; there will be loss of nutrients from the body. Therefore, stack your kitchen in advance with healthy, nutritious products. Folic acid prevents your child from a neural tube defect, so start consuming them beforehand. If you suffer from ailments like diabetes or epilepsy or any such similar ones, refer your doctor in this regard and start medication. Induce green vegetables and citrus fruits as they protect you and your baby from anemia and deficiency of vitamin C.

Learn and diagnose about your family’s medical history-

Visit your doctor and check for any chronic ailments like heart diseases, elevated or low blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Even if you suffer from any, do not panic and take consultations from your doctor to control them. Expect AIDS, also get tested for syphilis, gonorrhea and other STD’s. Some ailments are genetic, and if you learn about them on time, with the help of your doctor, you can save your child from it.

When to have sex

Keep in mind, that 5 – 7 days in a month only, the sperm gets attached to egg after sex. So, if have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, so commonly days between 10th to 17th day are important. According to the doctor, have sex twice or thrice a week.

Keep in touch with your doctor

If you’re not able to conceive after six months, ask yourself the following questions:

Are your periods are irregular? Are you more than 35 years of age? Have you suffered a miscarriage or had an abortion in the past? Have you had any gynecological related issues? If you answer yes to any of the questions asked above. Do not hesitate and visit a specialist as soon as possible.

Once, you are conceived, you have to make sure that both you and your baby are keeping good health and shape. Following are some tips for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy period to you.

The complete health of your child is dependent on the health of his mother and father. In this stage, whatever diet is consumed by the mother, it is beneficial in the growth of the baby. Incorporate vitamin C, fibers, folic acid and iron in your diet. Consumption of excess oil and fat will result into a cute and healthy baby – is a myth. Therefore, only consume foods which are rich in nutrients like milk, fresh fruits and vegetables and will result in the growth of a healthy child. Do not consume any medicine that you wish to. If you are consuming them from a long time in the past, stop the use before as you conceive so that your body is in a completely normal and natural state. Smoking and drinking alcohol can prove to be very dangerous for you and your baby, particularly when you are pregnant. Discourage its usage in your spouse too. Women who smoke, increase the risk of giving birth to a light weighted or a premature baby. Smoking also elevates the chances of miscarriage, death of the child in the womb, or infertility. If you work in a chemical institute or a laboratory or a place with X – ray machines, whose radiations or smoke can both passively and actively affect you and your baby, Take leave from work and avoid going there as it can be harmful and toxic. Especially stay away from X – ray machines as the rays emitted from them can be fatal. It is a common myth that computers and laptops have bad effects on your child. So if you need to work with your gadgets, feel free to do so, but make sure that you do not do it for long continuous hours as it can strain your eyes, neck and back. Take gaps in between and make sure that your seating area is comfortable enough to support your back. Place cushions, if required. During your pregnancy period, take full consideration of your weight and exercises. Keep on visiting your doctor at regular intervals. Check your weight from time to time. At times, during pregnancy you will witness a distinct glow in your face. But sometimes, you might find dryness, oiliness, or sticky skin. In such cases, avoid using washes with harsh chemicals. Use a mild face wash or a body wash. Also, keep on moisturizing your skin with good products from time to time. If you find darkness or acne in your skin, do not get worried, as these are the common reactions faced during pregnancy. After the birth of your baby, these spots will automatically disappear. Do not go for crash diet or skip any part of your meal. This way, not only you deprive yourself of proper food, but the baby is deficient of adequate nutrients. Make sure that you incorporate regular morning walks or light exercises in your routine. This is the only time when your child is completely dependent on you. Therefore, diet is the most significant aspect you should take into consideration. Induce food items rich in carbohydrates and products that are easily digestible. Avoid fatty foods. As you will feel hungry a lot during your pregnancy, do not eat your meals in large proportions, as it can lead to constipation. Take small meals at regular intervals of time. During the first trimester, consume more liquid based products in your diet and avoid fatty foods as much as you can. Avoid papaya and raw eggs. For the proper growth and development of teeth and bones, calcium is very important. Increase the amount of calcium twice as you used to, or prescribed by a doctor.  From the second trimester, you can distribute dosage of 1g into two parts. Milk and milk products like cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese. Banana is a great substitute too. If you do not like milk much or are lactose intolerant, have grains, pumpkin, soup, or custard apples. During this time, hair and nails grow at a very faster pace than normal. And soon after the delivery, excess hair loss is witnessed. Use good natural products and ensure proper oiling and washing of the hair. For the safety of your child’s health, conduct all blood tests recommended by the doctor, esp. HIV test. Change in the size and shape of breasts in the first trimester is the primitive sign of pregnancy. Breasts, esp. the nipple can be tender and sensitive. Use comfortable bras with providing good support. Some women prefer excess salt in their foods, but during pregnancy, avoid the excess amount of salt. This will result in swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with low blood pressure, only then increase the intake of salt in your diet. Ensure proper care of your dental hygiene, i.e. teeth and gums. During pregnancy, most of the women complain issues related to gums and teeth. The complete nutritious diet helps provide calcium to your body and your child. Get an appointment to your dentist and share if you face any irregular problem. Do not forget to mention that you are pregnant to your dentist, as then you will not have an access to X-ray machine, or even anesthesia. Yoga is an excellent remedy to curb your back related problems, and also relieves stress or any mental pain. This helps both the child and the mother. But make sure you ask your doctor before practicing yoga asanas as not all asanas are recommended for pregnant women. Studies have proven that regular practice of yoga asanas has resulted in less labor pain. You might face difficulties in the later trimesters as your body rounds up, but do not discontinue practice, and only do asanas till the position you’re comfortable in. If you experience any sort of difficulty or discomfort, immediately stop and seek medical advice. Nowadays, many institutions offer pre – natal yoga. You might find the urge to urinate frequently, esp. during the first trimester, but do not stop in taking. Stay away from strong odors, like perfumes, phenyl, talcum, and pesticides. These can be very harmful for the child. Avoid contact with skin or even inhaling them. Always stay in ventilated rooms. Keep hydrated and drink lots of fluids. Think positive and keep a positive approach towards life.

Being pregnant is definitely one of the best feelings in the world and enjoying it would make your life better. So get ready for this beautiful experience. We are sure that you would be a great mother and would also enjoy your motherhood. Take care!



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Pregnancy can really change how you perceive the world around you. As an expectant mother, you are already eating for two. Your hormones have gone on a roller coaster ride and you feel everything from morning sickness to diabetic symptoms. However, the joy of being a mother conceals every problem that you go through and when those 9 months are over, you get a healthy and beautiful baby. However, most women are very confused about their health status during pregnancy. Regular visits to your OB Gyn are suggested by us. However, apart from maintaining your visiting schedule to the doctor, you also need to make sure that you eat a very healthy diet during pregnancy.

Understand the changes in your body

Most of us are guilty of eating too less or going on fad diets to lose weight. For some women, undergoing diet changes during pregnancy is all about staying lean. They will still avoid calories and carbs and say a total goodbye to fats. As a result, their body is deprived of essential nutrients during pregnancy and their child also has to suffer the consequences of the same.

You need to understand that weight gain during pregnancy is not bad. In fact, it is healthy to gain weight during pregnancy. Remember, you are eating for two. Most of this weight will be gone after delivery. So don’t feel too alarmed at the ascending numbers on the weighing scale. It is a good sign that your baby is developing in a healthy way. Do not think that a diet is all about maintaining the ‘right weight’ during pregnancy. That is just a fad and does not really work well in the favor of your baby. Here, diet means eating a balanced meal and getting all the essential nutrients that help you and your baby stay healthy.

A pregnant woman often faces issues like lowered blood pressure, problems in sleeping and using the toilet, problems in walking or standing for long and more. Sometimes, women may also feel light cramps in their legs. The hormones in a woman’s body are running the race of their life and they work tirelessly day and night to nurture your baby. You would be surprised at the pace at which your baby develops. Hence, do yourself a favor. Don’t believe any fad diets during pregnancy. Only focus on getting the right nutrition for yourself. Your body will change now and the diet has to be according to these changes only.

Does a pre-pregnancy diet help?

If you have planned a pregnancy, then a pre-pregnancy diet is certainly going to help you in a lot of ways. If you want to take this route for your pregnancy, then you must definitely give yourself a few months in order to get in the right shape for pregnancy. First of all, go to the doctor and check whether you have any deficiencies. This could be a folate deficiency, a certain vitamin deficiency or something similar. If you are obese, underweight or a diabetic, then you must consult your doctor before pregnancy. The same rule applies for women with cardiac troubles.

You have to check if there is any significant risk factor related to your pregnancy. If yes, then you must work on these issues before you conceive. Work on your diet and fill up the nutritional deficiencies in the first place. A detoxification routine will also be helpful for you in this case. Some health issues have nutritional deficiencies as their underlying causes. So such problems will be gone. You can try a combination of diet, exercise or yoga in order to lower down your risk factors after that. This shall help you in making your pregnancy healthier.

The pregnancy diet

For pregnant women, it is high time that they take good care of their diet. You can meet a diet consultant in order to find the best diet according to your age and body type. However, there are a few general rules that you can keep in mind while preparing a meal for yourself. Before we can talk about these ideas, let us check out how you can make your breakfast healthier. Why are we focusing on the breakfast? It is because you must be able to kick start your day with a power packed meal. A good breakfast can give you a lot of energy through the day, minimize cravings and also ensure that you get a good dosage of nutrients right when you start your day.

Breakfast Battles- winning the day


You should ideally be starting your day with some fresh fruits or fruit juices. Try to stay away from packaged juices as much as you can. They include more sugar than nutrients. The good old pancakes can actually come in handy for busy moms who need to go to work. A glass of milk is also a good option. You can also opt for a glass of orange juice. However, make sure that you don’t stop here. Don’t just drink a glass of milk or juice and start working. You need something more filling at this point. Eggs can be good option but avoid the sunny side up variety. Go for omelets. Oats can also be a good option to start your day. However, make sure that you are eating some fresh fruits or vegetables along with the oats. It will keep you fit, provide fiber and also ensure that you feel full. It will be better to avoid coffee in the morning. If you love coffee, then cut back the intake to merely 2 cups a today. Anything more than that is not healthy for your baby. Try some beans if that works well for you. A fistful of nuts can be helpful in providing you something to munch on throughout the day.


Many women feel morning sickness during pregnancy. As a result of this, they are unable to eat a breakfast. However, even in this case, you must eat at least something. It would help you in staying full and give you a little morning boost. In such a case, you must eat very small portions again and again as they will help you in getting the energy you need throughout the day. Women who feel morning sickness should also avoid eating a heavy dinner as it may aggravate the symptoms. Your small meals can include crackers, toasts, roasted nuts, dried apricots and other such healthy food items. A grilled cheese sandwich can be avoided but it can be had as an occasional indulgence for sure. You will certainly enjoy it. If you like burgers and pizzas, then ensure that you stuff them with fresh cheese and vegetables.

The pregnancy diet should always be full of fresh and organic products. Yes, canned and processed foods are a good option for the days when you are running late for your work. However, you should try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, try to opt for all organic products. Going to a local farmer’s market will certainly help you in packing all the nutrition you need with farm fresh produce that is produced locally. During these 9 months, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables more than their frozen counterparts. This shall help you get better nutrition. Moreover, you should focus only on whole grains. Do not give in to products that have ‘green’, ‘whole grain’, ‘organic’ etc. written on their packaging. You must check yourself whether these products are what they are being marketed as. ‘Gluten free’ is the word that you will come across most often. Don’t just look at the labels. Look at the real ingredients of the food that you are buying.

What to drink during pregnancy?

It is very important to stay hydrated during a pregnancy. In fact, you should ensure that you are drinking more than 8 glasses of water every day. Coffee is best avoided during this time. However, a couple of cups during a day will not do much harm. Alcohol must be avoided completely during pregnancy. It could be very harmful for your child. In addition to this, you are at a greater risk of physically damage the fetus during this time.

As alcohol affects our body balance, you could easily lose balance and fall down. Alcohol addict mothers also develop greater chances of having still births or inducing some nutritional deficiencies in their children. Hence, avoid substance abuse to the best possible extent. Make plain water your best buddy during pregnancy. You can have green tea as well during this time. Fresh fruit juice can also be a good option for you. You should not replace a meal with a green smoothie at this time. However, smaller green smoothie shots can work really well if taken as snacks rather than entire meals.

What do doctors suggest?

Doctors often suggest women to eat what they like, if they are following a few simple diet tips. The most important thing about pregnancy diets is nutrition content. You can have pizza if you like or munch on some stir fried veggies if you like. Just keep the following things in mind when you are pregnant.

You should be eating dark leafy vegetables. Two servings of such veggies are enough for a day. Citrus fruits are the most important for pregnant ladies. Opt for one serving each day of a citrus fruit in order to get the best results for your health. You should also have orange vegetables. The darker the orange, the better the vegetable for your health. One serving of such veggies will be good. Don’t forget about dairy. However, focus only on low-fat or non-fat varieties of milk and dairy products. You should have at least three servings of these products. Cereals and breads are the most essential. Make sure you have at least 6 servings of these. The meats you eat should be extra lean. Opt for fish or chicken sans the skin. However, if you are a vegetarian, then take three servings of bean instead. At least eight glasses of water is a must.

There is no hard and fast rule about what you should eat and when. The women who can eat a bigger meal during breakfast must continue to do so and decrease the size of the meal through the day. The women who suffer from morning sickness can eat the smallest meal in breakfast and increase the size of the meal during dinner. However, it is advised not to eat a very heavy meal. Some doctors suggest smaller breakfasts and larger dinners during the first trimester as morning sickness becomes very likely for all women. They also suggest that women should reverse the diet during the last trimester in order to avoid heartburn. You can eat whatever you like as long as you are eating in moderation. The nutrition comes first.

Does it sound too confusing?

If you have already been living a very healthy lifestyle, then you must already be familiar with these rules. However, if you feel that these rules are too confusing, then you must start following them one by one. It would help you during your pregnancy. Simply abstain from alcohol and smoke and limit caffeine intake. Then start including fresh veggies and fruits in your diet one by one. In this way, you will get all the benefits of this diet.

Some moderate form of exercise will also be good for you. You can focus on yoga or talk to an instructor regarding light exercise for yourself. By the time you find the right exercise routine, focus on 30 minutes of activity every day. This could even be in the form of 15 minutes of walk in the morning and evening. In the end, we would like to welcome you onboard for a healthy and safe pregnancy. We hope that you will have a healthy and beautiful baby who will bring a lot of joy in your life. In the meanwhile, follow the steps that we have mentioned above to get the right diet.



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You want to jump… You want to shout and tell the whole world about it… You wish you had a massive megaphone…

Hey lady! Calm down. We know you are excited for the new baby and you want to announce this news to everyone you know. However, we know a classy little way in which the world will get to know about your baby. Yes, we are talking about a maternity photoshoot. This is a small but memorable moment that you will share with your baby, even before birth. Regardless to say, this moment will be cherished forever. It is quite obvious that you want to hurry up and share the news with the world. However, waiting for a nice maternity photoshoot is definitely worth the wait.

The number of maternity photoshoots has taken a high rise in the past few years. This is because people like to share the news of their baby on social networks. Hence, talking to a good photographer could be of great help to you. Let us take a look at some steps that you need to follow in order to get the best maternity photoshoot.

Baby steps to a great maternity photoshoot

Talk to a good photographer

We are sure that you will be able to find the contact details of many good photographers in town. However, for you, it is important that he has experience in maternity photography. A person who has been clicking high school portraits till date will never bring the quintessential appeal of a maternity photograph creativity for you. Hence, always look for experience and specialization. You should check the previous works of the photographer in order to check what kind of creativity he can bring in your photographs.

Choose the time of the photoshoot

Do you want to get a maternity photoshoot as soon as you discover you are pregnant? Do you want to wait for the final trimester in order to get the best baby picture? In either case, it all depends on your personal choice. However, maternity photos usually look the best when you are running the second or third trimester. At this time, you have a fully belly which can easily be shown off to people. If you also want to announce the gender of the baby or its name, that can be done too. Just make sure that you find the right time at which you wish to conduct this photoshoot. During the first trimester, your body is usually undergoing a lot of changes and you might feel morning sickness, fatigue and other such issues more frequently as compared to the other two trimesters. So waiting for a time when your body is more stable usually pays off well.

Decide the theme of the photoshoot

This is the trickiest part of them all. Deciding the theme for the maternity photoshoot could become a difficult task for you as well as your photographer. You would likely have to brainstorm on a lot of ideas and then discuss them all with your photographer in order to choose the most suitable theme. If you already have some idea or theme in mind, no matter how vague, don’t forget to share it. It would improve your chances of getting the best photoshoot you can ever have.

Choose the place

The theme of your photoshoot will decide the setting or backdrop of the picture. It could either be outdoor or indoor. It all depends on your personal preference or the photo theme. You can either choose your home, a park, a beach or even the photographer’s own studio in order to get the picture of your choice. Once the place has been selected, you need to hurry up and get to the next step.

Choose your dress

Well, you are the proud momma and it is you who will be primarily featured in the picture. Hence, it is essential that you choose the right dress for yourself. Make sure that you are doing your best in order to look great. However, wear only what is comfortable. There is no need to slip into tight clothes just because you want to look great. Choose looser fittings that make you feel comfy all the time. The photoshoot takes time and you certainly don’t want to stand there in the most uncomfortable clothes you could find.

Call everyone who is involved

Do you want your whole family or your partner in the picture? Well, give them a call and tell them to be on time. This is the time when you can really shine and get the most out of your picture. Make sure that no one gets left out.

Now, you are all set to say ‘CHEEEEEZE’. Give your biggest and broadest smile and let everyone know that you are very excited for the baby.

Are you short of ideas for the photoshoot? If yes, then take hints from the ideas that we are discussing below. They could help you in getting the best pictures for your baby. Take a look.

Ideas for a great maternity photoshoot

Yeah, we are bored of those belly pictures. We know that your partner making a heart over your pregnant belly is too clichéd and we know that you are looking for something new and different. This is the reason why we are bringing some nice ideas which can be used by you in order to get a great maternity picture. These ideas are very simple and would instantly strike to you. Check out what can be done by you.

Relive the memory

Remember the first time when you met him… where did you meet? What were you wearing? Which place was it? Remember all those tiny details and you will be able to recreate the memories into a beautiful pregnancy picture. This picture will be special for two reasons. First, it would show your baby bump and second, it would depict the place where the journey of your love began. Dress up in the same (or similar) clothes and get a photo clicked in the same place. There is nothing better than a picture that binds the past and the future so well. Isn’t this a great idea?

Feel Mother Nature close to you

A maternity picture clicked near the woods or in a natural landscape looks more beautiful that any edited pictured. Hence, you should be going somewhere near the forest, woods or other such places near you for that perfect picture. If you do not have any such natural areas around your house, then you should probably focus on getting a picture clicked in a nearby park. It would be a great thing to do.

In case you do not find such a place, then you could be clicking a picture in your home, especially in your backyard. Plant a tree in the name of your child and get a picture clicked while you are watering this little plant. It has a great symbolic value as well. You nurture the tree just like you nurture your baby. Hence, the photo looks very appealing. Make sure that you keep watering this tree later on as well. After all, this tree has announced the arrival of your child in the world.

Play with frames and props

Do you wish you could get a great picture clicked inside your home? In that case, you could play a little with props and get the best pictures clicked for yourself. Huge frames for you and your partner held before your face will look good. Let your partner hold the frame for himself and for you. On the other hand, you should hold the frame in front of your belly. The picture looks really nice.

You can also use umbrellas, shoes and other such props in order to get a perfect photograph inside your house. A good idea could be picturing yourself in a unique way instead of focusing on your belly. You can show your shoes, your partner’s shoes and the shoes for a tiny tot to signify that a new member is coming to your household soon. If you want the people to know the gender of your baby, choose appropriate shoes. If you do not wish to reveal the gender of your baby, then you can probably look for modifications in this pic. In this case, you or your partner can hold both the shoes and give an expression of wonder on the baby’s gender. You could be sitting down smiling at his amazement. The picture looks so natural that you will get compliments almost instantly.

Remember the good old belly pic with you and your partner standing close to each other and holding your belly. You can give a nice twist to that picture. Just stand in the same posture outdoors and let an umbrella show a silhouette of you both. In this way, you give a creative new twist to the classic maternity picture.

Splash colors all around

Do you have older children as well? In that case, you will certainly enjoy the splash of colors that comes your way in this idea. Dress up your family in clothes of the theme color. Orange is the new black in this case. It works as the perfect significance for fun and the arrival of a new life in your house. If you have a pet, let it join the family photo as well. You can get this photo clicked in any part of your house and it would look equally great.

The Victorian portrait

Do you want a maternity picture involving your entire family? Do you want to give a very regal look to your picture? In that case, you will have to put in a little more efforts in designing the right backdrop for your image and also finding the right costumes for your family. Getting a Victorian style portrait of your entire family would make it look different as well as classy. We bet that your friends did not even think about this idea ever before.

You could all be making the classic poker face for this image or you can let the rest of the family wear their costumes and stay as stiff as a wooden block. You, on the other hand, should be dressed in your cheerful and bright dress announcing the arrival of your baby. This twist to the picture makes it look interesting because of which it instantly catches your attention. You can also make more modifications to the picture. For example, you can let your older child do the honors of announcement in a bright colored modern outfit while the rest dress up in their costumes. Another variation could be you and your partner wearing the costumes while the rest stay in their everyday clothes. If it is your first child, then you can probably get such a picture clicked against a rich Victorian backdrop while you wear bright and funny costumes. The options are many, you just need to be creative enough.

Maternity photographs can be serious or they can be fun. It all depends on your choice as well as your creativity. We suggest that you search the internet for some more cool ideas that can make your maternity pictures look amazing. You don’t really have to adopt an idea as it is. Make some changes here or there or experiment yourself. In this way, your picture would look unique and more beautiful than everyone else.

As a new mom, the first pictures of joy i.e. your sonogram can also be shared in the maternity photoshoot. Click plenty of pictures, start posing and make sure that you choose the best picture. Take good care of yourself and start searching for the perfect maternity picture idea right away. In the end, we would like to wish you the best of luck and health. May your baby be a happy and beautiful child. Don’t forget to share the pictures you have clicked. We will be glad to see those amazing pictures.


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…..When a woman becomes a mother, it’s time that she cares about her health along with the baby to become a successful parent. It has been noticed by the experts that females do not take care of the symptoms and shower 100% of attention on the toddler. It can result in the occurrence of life-threatening diseases. Therefore symptoms should not be ignored, and mothers must contact doctors immediately. There are numerous Health tips for young mothers to stay healthy and live a longer life

To start with, one should give top priority to one’s body while doing exercising or socializing. If the mother is physically healthy and mentally sound, only then she would be taking good care of her family members. Parents have enormous responsibilities on their shoulders as they have to manage home as well as kids. Therefore, mother should be vigilant and active about her health. It is a well-known fact that regular exercises would go a long way to enhancing the fitness level of a person. Moreover, regular workout goes a long way in decreasing cholesterol level in the blood.  Instead of setting lofty goals, try to create small milestones while selecting a fitness schedule. For instance, walking in the park for one hour can do a whirl of suitable to the physical health. Multi-tasking is the essence of life especially when you have become a mother. Therefore, it is important to do exercise while the kid is at school or doing his or her homework.  Health tips for new mothers include half an hour walk on the that helps to enhance the blood circulation in the body and increase body metabolism. Food is a crucial aspect of the fitness, but majority of mothers do not care about it eating a lot or too less. According to the experts balanced diet is essential to maintain a balance between proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals.  A mother should never consume food left over from a kid’s plate because it might result in a sharp increase in weight. Missing breakfast is a common phenomenon for the mothers, especially when they are preparing breakfast or packing the lunch boxes. To avoid such situations make sure that you sit for half an hour and have a wholesome breakfast to gain energy as well as valuable nutrients. If an individual does not have enough time, it is important to pack the breakfast and go to work. There are situations when mothers are not able to consume proper food while feeding the kids. It can be a tedious task if the child is fussy about the food. As per the advice of the experts, one should have dinner before dealing with the appetite of the kids. You will find better ways of handling the toddler when the tummy is full. As soon as the kid is born, mothers are buried under the avalanche of responsibilities. They have to take care of big and small needs of the child along with managing the household. As a result, majority of girls tend to sleep very little during the night. Poor sleep can result in apnea and lots of other problems in the long run. If an activity is creating impediments in sleeping peacefully, one should eliminate it from the schedule and sleep for 8 hours. Well deserved rest will energize the body and keep the mothers focused to complete daily household chores. It is a well-known fact that stress creates lots of problems for health from long term perspective. In order to combat the problem, mother should lower their expectations with reference to their kids. Every child is special with specific abilities; therefore imposing unrealistic expectation could be detrimental to the kid as well as mother. Moms must avoid comparing their child with others because it might lead to frustration and deterioration in health. The kid may have some qualities that the other child does not possess.  It is said that health is wealth; therefore the triggers should be eliminated to lead a happy and long life. Some mothers are bogged down by the guilt feeling with reference to certain activities that they might have done in a better way. It is futile to harp on the past but look to the future with positivity and shower the child with continuous love. To become a healthy woman share your feeling with husband, mother or relatives. In hindsight, if you are not able to manage the kids, asking help from the family members will help to redistribute the workload in an effective manner. Majority of women want to do everything perfectly however they are not able to manage things properly because they are human beings not super females. Therefore, take it easy, relax and spend stress-free time with the kids. It can have a positive bearing on life and provide strength to tackle problems in a better manner. Sometimes being mother round the clock could be stressful, hence make sure to take a break and spend the day out with friends away from the pressure cooker environment of the home. A gossip session or shopping could help in a reduction of stress to a great extent because it is a welcome distraction. When you are tired, it is essential to visit a spa or salon to enjoy the moment in an impeccable style and get long-awaited relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the family and city. Becoming mother is an exciting event however new moms are often nervous due to the sudden changes in body and accompanying health issues.  Do not become judgmental of yourself by thinking that the way you are bringing up a child is in any way inferior to the neighbors. It will help you to remove unnecessary worries that can spoil the mood as well as health. A newborn grows quickly; hence you do not need lots of kids wear because the toddler might not fit the required size. It is extremely necessary for the mother to stay calm, or it might have a\negative impact on the newborn. Husband should help the mother to raise the kids in a proper manner, and it will have a positive impact on the health. Distribution of responsibilities helps to achieve the stated objectives in life that also includes child upbringing. Babies do not sleep at night due to various factors; therefore it is important to ensure that a routine is set up in advance so that health of the toddler and mother is not affected. It is a well-known fact that pools have crèche facilities, therefore swimming can be a wonderful option for you. Mothers can keep their kids in the crèche and enjoy the water exercise to keep fit. Pregnancy can cause lots of deposition of cholesterol. Hence, it is important to join a gym and eliminate obesity within a quick time frame. Not only exercise but a healthy diet should be consumed to ensure that while breastfeeding all the possible nutrients are supplied to the kids. For instance, vegetable soup could be an ideal choice for the mothers as it is a rich source of protein and as well as carbohydrates. Similarly, toast with bacon eggs, baked beans, hummus, and tuna sandwiches would go a long way in enhancing the level of nutrition in the blood stream. In order to ward of depression, new moms should socialize and join a babysitter circle to share information in an exemplary manner. You can help other moms by taking care of their children, and they might return the favor if you are hard pressed for time to attend the needs of your kid. Some mothers tend to put the toddler care on a high priority list forgetting that they should spend their time with hubbies. Therefore, once in a while you can keep the baby under the supervision of the sitter and go for dinner with the husband to spend some quality time. If you are a new mom, it’s time to indulge in exercises and devise a fitness schedule accordingly. To make the process easy and hassle free, hiring a trainer can be the best option as a person can prescribe fitness solutions based on the individual requirements. Moreover cardiovascular exercises such as walking, swimming or cycling could help to reduce excessive cholesterol in the body. Another alternative option to Gym is to join the fitness classes especially for moms. It is a perfect platform to indulge in exercises under the supervision of qualified trainers who will suggest certain activities that will help you to accomplish the daily task with exemplary accuracy. In modern age wives and husbands have their professional lives and it becomes quite tough for the working moms to take care of the kids. To start with, they need to spend time on themselves to feel happy. A contented mother is good news for the house and the family members. If the working mom has a bad day at office, she can ask the kid or a husband to hug her in order to release tension and frustration. Rather than treating family as a liability, you can regard it as a support structure while taking care of a toddler. In extreme cases where you are forced to work long hours, it is always better to hire a babysitter for the kids. Mothers can breathe easy and relax because they know that the beloved kids are in capable hands and will enjoy the attention as well as care. Many people think that parenting is a natural process however it is not so and requires attention from mother and father on an equal level. For a busy mom, it is important to schedule the activities in a proper manner or else there can be lots of problems with regards to work and life balance. If the blood pressure is rising due to a frenzy at home, it’s time to find a solitary area and relax for a while. It is also important to have a sound sleep because it helps in increasing the concentration level. Health tips for new mothers also incorporate activities that help to keep the sugar level of the Body under control.  Regular small snacks could be handy for you as it releases the energy at a slow speed. One of the most important combinations could be a diet with carbohydrates and protein.  The latter is known to inhibit the effects of the former, thereby saving the body from sugar and obesity. Majority of mothers tend to discharge their duties towards the kids, therefore sometimes the tension can arise if the toddler is trying to ignore the commands. You can try a new method to engage with the child, and it comprises of indulging in playful pranks with the newborn. Laughter of the young one would reverberate in the atmosphere and might make you forget about the hardship and tensions of life. While taking care of a toddler, make sure that you are keeping the baby room clean of all the germs since they can cause infections due to fragile immune system. Hands must always be scrubbed with the help of soap and hot water to eliminate the virus and bacteria. Mother and would be moms should try hard not to get affected by the cold and flu. To accomplish the task, one must do vigorous exercise for about 30 minutes since it helps to inhibit the growth of respiratory problems. Moms leading a sedentary lifestyle are bound to suffer from different diseases that can often impact their capacity to raise kids efficiently. Abs exercises are crucial to reduce the size of the tummy after childbirth. Moreover, it should be supplemented with a healthy diet to deliver exceptional results.

At the end of the write up one can conclude that following the above-mentioned health tips it is possible to make the family happy, hale and hearty.


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Select appropriate baby foods for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very important aspect of life for a woman because she gives birth to a child who is the source of happiness for the parents and family members. Although it is a festive occasion to rejoice, pregnancy requires caution on the part of the ladies while doing movement or consuming food. If the nutrition does not meet the required standards, it might have a detrimental effect on the development of the brain of newborn. For instance, Vitamin B is essential to create lots of red blood cells and vitamin C is necessary to make collagen for the skin. Similarly, Vitamin D is used to make the bones of the baby’s stronger while zinc plays a very important role in their overall physical development. There is a long list of Baby food for brain development, and some of the components are enumerated below in great detail:

Continental food consisting of fishes goes a long way in supplying the Omega 3 nutrition to the baby. According to experts, if women increased the amount of fish in their diet, their kids exhibited very high level of IQ. Omega 3 has been found to create a positive impact on the brain functions.  If an individual is allergic to fishes, she might consume fish oil that is alspo very nutritious.

While increasing the intake of fishes, make sure to drink only those that have a low content of mercury. Therefore, aquatic animals such as shark or swordfish must not be taken as they have a very high content of the metal. Instead, one can hog on to salmon fish as it is healthy, tasty and beneficial for the still to be born kids. The fishes should be consumed twice per week to get the best results from the health perspective.

Fruits and vegetable prove to be important healthy food for baby brain development as they consist of antioxidants that eliminate free radical from the body. Moreover, the compounds prevent the baby brain cells from getting damaged in the body. Green leafy vegetables are also a rich source of Iron for the kids to increase their hemoglobin count. Papaya along with blueberries is beneficial for babies as well as mother. It is a well-known fact that fruits should be eaten only when they are properly washed to prevent the entry of the germs inside the body.

When you are pregnant, try to make a list of foods that could be consumed because hogging to onto conventional fast food can do more harm than good. Logically one should prefer eggs because they are rich sources of protein, proving to be a boon for the baby that grows at an exponential rate. Furthermore, pregnant women also require protein for their body; hence eggs prepared in different ways can form a staple diet for them.

Eggs are rich sources of elements called CHOLINE, responsible for enhancing the growth of the baby and eliminate defects if any arising at the time of birth. Pregnant woman can consume 2 eggs on a daily basis without worrying about the cholesterol levels in the blood

Another important Healthy food for baby brain development is the sweet potato. They acquire orange colors from the plant pigments which enter into the body and get transformed into Vitamin A. One of the advantages of the consumption is that the conversion happens on demand; therefore requisite fruits are the best bets for consuming a nutritious diet. Furthermore, potatoes also comprise of vitamin c and FOLATE that help to develop the immune system of the babies.

Popcorn is a very attractive food for a pregnant woman as it is a rich source of grains that provide fibers, Vitamin E, selenium and many more beneficial substances. Other types of grains include oatmeal and barley that act as roughage and help to improve the digestion system of the baby as well as the pregnant mother. Grains also contain proteins in moderate amounts; therefore they offer great value to the users. One should consume grains thrice a day to get maximum results as far as nutrition is concerned.

Doctors advise pregnant mothers to eat walnuts because they are the natural sources of Omega 3 and improve the health to a great extent. DHA offered by dry fruit is particularly useful for both mother and babies as it assists in brain and retina cells development.

Nutritious Greek yogurt is a very popular feed for the mothers because the protein content is higher as compared to the conventional product.  Yogurt is also regarded as a rich source of calcium, an important element in the development of bones. If you are not consuming enough calcium, it can be detrimental to the bone structure of the body. One of the primary objectives of the pregnancy diet is to provide nutrition to the baby without cutting down on the amount of nutrition to the mother. It can have a very positive effect on the newborn as far as mental and physical healthy are concerned. Plenty of calcium is bound to increase the strength of baby’s bones without any hassles.

As stated in the preceding paragraphs, pregnant women turn to leafy vegetables because they are rich sources of Vitamins A, C and K that assist in warding off disease like Beri Berui and many more. One can also consume lean meats that are devoid of fat to eliminate the creation of cholesterol in the body. It is imported to look for cut versions while buying red meat in the market because they have only 5% of fat content. Hot dogs should be avoided at all cost because they contain bacteria that might dissolve into the blood stream of the mother and reach still to be born babies.

One of the most interesting aspects is the consumption of colored fruits and vegetables in diverse varieties such as orange, green, yellow and many more. They are indispensable for the mother and baby because of the presence of multiple nutrients beneficial for the body to a great extent.  During the final month of the pregnancy, the baby enjoys the taste of the food with the help of amniotic fluid, therefore if the toddler develops a diverse taste, it will be easy for him or her to recognize the fruit after the birth and increase the diet according to requirements.

The pregnant woman prefers Orange juice not only because of its color or taste but also due to the nutritional value on offer. It is a healthy mixture of Folic acids that prevent the rise of birth defects. Moreover, the presence of potassium ensures that the born child is healthy and has a well-developed immune system to ward off diseases. It plays a key role in enhancing the metabolism of the body and improves the functioning of the muscles to a great extent.  One glass of orange juice in the morning is sufficient for the pregnant mother.

Potassium is also necessary to ensure support to the blood volume that expands during the time of pregnancy. Vitamin C acts a supplement and protects the mother as well as baby from harsh cold \weather. In addition to orange juice, one can consume broccoli, tomatoes or strawberries to get the nutrition necessary to prevent the occurrence of life-threatening diseases.

Women are very conscious of the rise of cholesterol in the blood vessels at the time of pregnancy.  For instance, ground flax seed sprayed on salads is essential to curb the deposition of fat. You can also consume high cocoa chocolate every alternate day to prevent the enhancement of the high blood pressure.  Vitamin E is a very important supplement consumed during pregnancy since it plays a vital role in increasing the immune system of the body.

Women who are alcoholic should stop the consumption of wine or beer during pregnancy as it causes a variety of birth side effects due to the fetal alcohol syndrome. Some of the symptoms in the kids include mental retardation, low weight and immunity of the body. Pregnant mother should not resort to raw meat eating as it leads to the entry of harmful microorganisms in the body. Eating salmon could activate E Coli bacteria which in turn will cause sickness of the stomach resulting in situations such as miscarriage. Meats comprise of pathogens leading to the proliferation of additional problems in the long run.

The cardinal rule of the pregnancy states that a woman should drink lots of water on a daily basis. It has been noticed that dehydration causes premature labor and delivery resulting in the birth of the child with poor health.  8 Glasses of water would help to ensure the supply of vital minerals in the body. Nutrients in the water are synthesized by cells so that they remain healthy for a very long period. A prenatal vitamin along with water is an ideal recipe for improving the health of the newborn.

Herbal tea is beneficial for the pregnant women as compared to the conventional versions however it is important to ensure that the solution is free from caffeine. One should not consume a mixture as it can be harmful during pregnancy; instead tea bags can prove to be the highly beneficial for the mother.

Apart from Omeg-3 fatty acids, Omega 6 is also essential as it is a rich source of protein that assists in regenerating the cells of the body. Some of the natural sources are vegetable oils such as canola and soybean. The chemical is also available in controlled amounts in beef, pork and egg, therefore, balanced consumption of all the food products is necessary at the time of pregnancy.

As a precautionary measure soft cheese and lunch meat should be avoided because they tend to increase the cholesterol level and also create complications for birth. Hot dogs must not be consumed however if no other choices are available they should be steamed for a very long time before being served for the breakfast.

People preferring a vegetarian diet can opt for starchy foods such as bread, cereals, rice or pasta because they provide a large amount of energy during the pregnancy period. In addition, they also contain fibers that prevent the occurrence of constipation.  During winter season, a hot porridge soup is an ideal choice for the pregnant mothers due to its high nutritional value and health benefits. Jacket potato is a lesser known commodity in the food market however its skin is very rich in fibers and preferred by lot of people ranging from pregnant mothers to elders.

While cooking meat, make sure that there are no pink traces left because it can prove to be a source of germs. In a nutshell, ensure that the food is cooked properly before proceeding ahead for consumption.  Some foods that need to be avoided include salad dressings, cream, chocolate, crisps, and butter. They are high in sugar and do not add to nutritional value causing problem such as obesity, tooth decay, and \many more issues.

To become pregnant is a vital decision in life, and it should be taken after careful deliberations. As a result, parents must take all the precautions to make sure that the toddler is in the pink of health when born. A slight misjudgment in the type of diet being consumed can cause serious health complications for the baby as well as mother. A balanced, nutritious food apart from other precautions would help the prospective mothers to survive the tumultuous months of pregnancy. Fat, protein, iron and fiber are extremely necessary for the quick growth of the baby cells because in the absence of any one element mentioned above, the newborn kid would suffer from either physical or mental disorder.

To get more details, it is important to contact the pediatrician because a medical consultant will help to solve the dietary problems in a better way. From the above discussion, one can conclude that consumption of fruits, meat and vegetable in a proportionate amount will lead to the birth of a healthy and happy baby.



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How to create the perfect plan for having healthy pregnancy? 


Planning for becoming pregnant is a great experience and every woman on this earth must

experience the same at least once in their life. First-time pregnancy is a bit troublesome but if

you follow different essential steps, then you can surely overcome the hurdles in an efficient

manner. Moreover, necessary assistances and support can also be provided by your family

members and house physicians so that you can get birth physical and mental strength. Take full

mental preparation before taking the decision of conceiving.

If you are having any existing physical troubles that can interrupt pregnancy, then you must

have the fullest recovery of the same before conceiving. Late or old-age issues are mainly

recommended to be avoided in order to get rid of complications. You also need to maintain a

completely healthy lifestyle in case you want to become a responsible mother. No as such

training is required rather you need to follow some careful tips that are essential for protecting

the babies starting from conceiving till the final birth at the labor room. If you want to be a single

mother, then in that case you need to be quite serious about the issue and must take good care of



How to get a healthy pregnancy?

If you are planning to get a child in your life, then you need to make necessary planning

accordingly. In this case, you can either take valuable suggestions for your family doctor or else

you can consult any gynecologist. You must also discuss with your husband regarding family

planning so that you do not face ay trouble in bringing a child on earth. Mutual consent of the

couples is needed in this regard otherwise it might create a messy situation in the future. There

are certain special tips that you need to follow sincerely without any fail in case you are willing

to have a healthier pregnancy.

You can make thorough consultations with your practitioner regarding how to plan for


You must go through a detailed physical check-up in order to know that whether you

health will permit any issue at this stage or not.

If you have weak health, then you need to take special care in order to gain the suitable

weight in order to afford the pregnancy.

You must start practicing only healthy food-habits that can cater a lot of nutrition to your

body so that you do not face any trouble at the time of carrying baby in your womb.

You can go to any expert nutritionist so that you can get a properly scheduled chart of

diet, healthy and nutritious foods that can develop your health to a great extent.

You need to maintain a perfect weight as excessive obesity can create a lot of

complicated situations during the delivery period.

You must practice different kinds of flexible and healthy exercises so that you can stay fit

and energetic throughout the day. In this way, labor complications and miscarriage risks

can be effectively minimized to a great extent.

It is highly essential to gather more and more detailed and valuable information about

pregnancy and its stages. In this case, you can either make proper online research or else

can go through the popular journals on mother and child care.

Seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits need to be regularly consumed in order to have

essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other related ones.

You must also consume different types of liquids like water, fruit juices, health drinks

and many more.

Books on pregnancies need to be studied in order to check out the necessary precautions

or preventive measures that need to be taken at the time of carrying baby.

All kinds of chemical intake needs to be stopped birth-controlling capsules especially

immediately as they are quite harmful to childbirth and can even cause miscarriage.

Smoking and alcohol consumption needs to stop immediately in order to have healthy

growth of babies within your womb. In this regard, you can follow different kinds of

useful programs that can cater you the necessary information about the same.

You need to intake lots of potential vitamins either in the form of supplement or in the

form of pills but accordance to the prescriptions of your consultants. In this case, you can

also eat more and more foods that are highly enriched with vitamin elements as they are

also quite useful in this regard.

You can also take the assistance of your husband so that you can change your unhealthy

habits faster otherwise you will not be able to concentrate fully on healthy family


The regular cycles need to be tracked along with the tracking of the menstruation cycles

otherwise the healthy growth or development of the ovules cannot be detected in a proper


If you have missed your periods, then you must approach the practitioner in order to have

a thorough check that whether you have conceived or not. This is because the periods can

be interrupted due to hormonal changes also which need to be detected and alleviated. in

this case, accurate due-dates need to be determined as it is regarded as one of the most

essential parts of this factor.

You must have full knowledge regarding the pregnancy symptoms, and if you are

noticing the same signs within you, then you must confirm your conceiving stage.

For confirming that you have conceived, you can take consultations from more than one

consultant for having firm confirmation.

You can also take necessary suggestions from your friends or relatives regarding how to

take good care of this particular stage so that you can have the greatest advantage of

conceiving a baby.

You must maintain healthy and harmless environment so that your babies can be


Practice regular brushing before you conceive and in this regard you need to visit nay

specialist dentist as this particular aspect is highly related with the concerned matter.

Exposure to harmful chemicals and tests need to be highly avoided. If you have faced miscarriages, previously, then you need to disclose the fact to the

doctor and must produce all the medical reports relating to the same so that you can take

more care and prevention this time for having successful delivery.

You must maintain a high level of hygiene in order to prevent all kinds of infections as

that can cause great harm to your babies.

You can also tale necessary consultations from your parents so that you can learn a lot

from their experiences.

You can also read out the online based blogs and articles on pregnancy that have been

written by experts so that women can have a fair knowledge about the same.

You have to take sufficient amount of rest so that unwanted stress can be driven away

otherwise that can be jarful in this regard.

You can also apply either home based, or Ayurvedic remedies for dealing with the

normal symptoms during this time especially heartburn, constipation, nausea and many


You can also join any exercise classes or can practice prenatal yoga in order to bring

more and more fitness in your body. This can also increase the strength of your muscles

and bone-joints to a great extent.

Early classes on pregnancy will be quite useful for you and on the other hand you can

take valuable suggestions from midwife practitioners regarding the necessary steps at

various pregnancy stages.

It is essential to go on adding at least 300 to 500 calories on a regular basis during this


You also need to plan for the best birth facilities in case you do not intend to have home


Warning signs and premature pains need to be handled efficiently in order to avoid

complications and in this regard it is advisable to take necessary suggestions from the


You must also collect requisite safety measures that need to be followed for gaining safe

pregnancy and delivery at the labor room.

Heavyweight objects are not to be lifted as that might hamper both the health of mothers

and their babies.

You must always be in a happy mood in order to get rid of different kinds of family

issues or tensions as that might affect the health of your baby adversely which is highly


Watch different humorous shows and always remain in a light mood for diverting your


You can also spend time with the babies of your relatives or friends in order to have a

wonderful experience, and this experience will be quite useful while handling your child.

You can also spend your recreational time in painting or decorating your child’s room

with different attractive designs, shades colors, wall decals, wallpapers and many more.

This is quite a joyful time-pass which can refresh your mood and can cater you the

highest entertainment.

You can also plan for the future of your baby and can have a decision regarding how to

take care about the child growth and upbringing.

You can also weave small clothes for your babies in order to keep yourself engaged and

in this way you will also be able to maintain a soothing mood.

If you want to lose all kinds of stress and pains of your body due to pregnancy, then

nothing can be the best option other than swimming as that will refresh your mood and

body in a perfect manner. Weightless feeling can also be enjoyed as a result of the same.

You can take different interesting Selfie from your camera or mobiles during pregnancy

in order to create sweet memories. This kind of activity is quite enjoyable and can help

you to stay away from stressful conditions.

You can also join any breast-feeding classes in order to acquire a lot of potential

information about the same.

You need to maintain the intake of different medications for a healthy pregnancy that are

being prescribed by your physician otherwise complications might occur.

You need to maintain proper positions by stretching your backside in order to avoid

unwanted back pains which are quite frustrating and disturbing in reality. In this case,

you can surely follow any flexible back-pain relieving exercises that are useful in this


You can also try out different kinds of attractive pregnancy dresses in order to check out

your comfort level.

Bed stretching can help you to get rid of leg cramps that are quite painful at times. As you proceed towards the advancing stages, you can decrease the exercising volume

and instead of that you must practice only light and flexible exercises.

If you are taking another medicine for any different physical issue, then you must stop

taking the same during pregnancy. Else you can ask your doctor for prescribing the

perfect dosage that does not harm your baby growth.

Complete relaxation throughout the day is needed and thus you must not get involved in

any mess or chaos arising due to family issues. You also need to avoid external noises

and disturbances as that can create great trouble in pregnancy.

You can also read out different birth stories which have been shared by some of the

experienced mothers in order to help those women who are becoming mother for the very

first time.

You can make a selection of the best birth-center beforehand in order to avoid all kinds of

odd circumstances during the delivery period. The center must be near to your house so

that in case of emergencies, you can be immediately taken to the center without any


You can also fill you’re the center’s pre-registration form and must make your insurance

card ready so that all the expenses of delivery can be easily handled.


You just need to follow the above steps in case you want to have safe pregnancy. These steps are

quite reliable and easy to follow, and you can also ask for the assistance of your family members

in abiding these tips successfully.



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