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It is a fact that raising kids is physically and mentally and exhaustive task that can drain lots of energy from the mothers. One should be playful and watchful while engaging the child as it is a full time job. If you are serious and take the activity as a burden, you are bound to get tired quickly while the child still has energy. Parents must devise innovative ways so that they could pass the time in fun and frolic. Kids want to interact with surroundings however they cannot do it alone unless helped by parents. There are certain tips that need to be followed by the adults to prevent irritation and make the whole ambiance as well as children happy.

Important tips:

  • Rather than letting kids indulge in pranks, join him or her to release the stress accumulated in the mind. For instance, if the children sleep heavily, you can put them in another bed and witness their surprise when they wake up.  It will definitely invite giggles from the young ones who would be more than happy to see their mother and father join the fun.
  • Another wonderful prank could be placing the realistic animal toys inside the lunch boxes of the kids and watch their reaction. They would be shocked while showing priceless reaction.  Some time parents can also turn the photos as well as other objects on the wall upside to surprise the children when they wake up from the sleep. One has to be creative in playing the pranks so that the young ones do not get bored.
  • Pulling faces can be a wonderful past time for the family members with the kids and parents competing on putting wackiest face. It is a wonderful exercise forcing the children to be more creative. You can take smart phone and capture the snaps o f the young one when they are looking funny.
  • Parents can organize a family slumber party where even the grandfather and mothers are invited with their sleeping bags to sleep on the floor. Children enjoy the get together when the families congregate at one place. Barbecue parties are fun as you can invite your nephews and niece so that they could play along with your children making the evening a memorable one.
  • Special festivals such as the upcoming valentine day can be treated as the special family day where in kids as well as parents can visit the mall, dine in a restaurant and also indulge in shopping. If as a parent you have committed a mistake apologize to the kids while trying to make them happy.  Mothers can work closely with the children to surprise their husbands by giving them attractive gifts in an impeccable manner.
  • One of the most important ideas to have fun is the playground scavenger hunt where kids can engage with regular or rope swing. Moreover, in the park different types of slides are available for the kids so that they could roll on by indulging in different types of games. Parents on their part must keep a close watch on the activities of the kids to ensure that they do not get injured.
  • You can hide different objects in the playground, make up a list and give it to the children to search. It is an intuitive exercise that they will find interesting as their brains have to work out on their own.  Watching them running around the park and exploring the hidden items is a wonderful scenario wherein the parents would relish the joy. As far as adventure is concerned, the trip is a great learning experience for the kids.
  • Mothers can involve the children to make milk shake on their own so that it could served to the guests. For instance peanut butter shake is quite easy to prepare because you need to have 3 cups of soy milk accompanied by a small quantity of peanut butter. They are combined together and blended into a blender without any hassles.  Soy milk popsicles should be kept in the freezer for preservation as it would go a long way in providing wonderful smoothie for the kids as well as adults. Bubbles forming in the cup appear to be quite interesting to the children.
  • All kids like to listen to the interesting stories about fairies, demons and superman. Some of the books are very famous in which silly characters are portrayed following their bed time routines. Boys will like to listen to the stories about trucks, vehicles as well as tractors.  There are certain books that teach the toddlers to learn different languages without any hassles. You can buy the book and read out the bed time stories on a regular basis.
  • It is vital to make learning activity fun for the kids so that they are not burdened with one way flow of information. Interactive session will go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. There are different types of techniques used to teach the concepts of science to the kids. For example as a parent you can take the children outside and get them acquainted with the numerous plants, tress and insects in the garden or the park. You can tell the children that as soon as the insect sits on the flower, the process of pollination starts.
  • While on vacation, take the kids to the bird’s park and show them how many species of birds migrate from different parts of the world to the park so that they could obtain food and requisite temperature to survive.  A very classic prank played by the parents on the kids is the usage of pipe cleaner disguises that will help two persons to talk to each other in different voices.
  • Father can deploy different ways to connect with the kids including providing piggyback ride to the toddlers.  Sometimes you can organize tickle parties with the children and seem them go berserk with laughter.  Airplane prank is very popular as the dad can use the child as a plane and fly him in the room. Children would definitely enjoy the exhilarating experience along with the dad.
  • You can somersault the child by helping him climb the leg but precautions should be exercised to prevent injuries during games. By emitting different sound from the mouth, the dad can encourage the kid to do the same. It is an astonishing activity that fills up the home with laughter as well as happiness.
  • Rather than ignoring children, you can call them and participate in puzzle games together. They would be forced to find the answers by applying knowledge and logic. You can act as a catalyst to make them work together in a diligent manner.
  • Fathers can involve kids by asking them questions even if they do not know the answer. Effective communication with the children enable them to open up to their parents and discuss with them all their problems as well as insecurities.  Simple activities like singing simple songs together can rejuvenate the atmosphere and make the kids happy to a great extent. Families in which the parents do not communicate with the children tend to become introvert by hiding real problems that could snowball into major issues.
  • All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, therefore it is important to take the kids on a short ice cream party when you return home from work. It is a wonderful distraction and a great activity to reduce stress by many notches.  Some of the attractive alternatives could also be telling kids jokes that will make them laugh to the hilt.
  • It is vital for the parents to tell their kid’s everyday that they love them a lot and also discuss with them funny activities that can be done without any problem. During summer season, you can become a completely cool parent for your children.  You can organize a picnic with the kids by grabbing fruits as well as drinks. When the children go out they learn lots of new things by engaging with the surrounding atmosphere.
  • If the parents want to update the knowledge of the kids about machines, it is better to give them screw drivers so that they can get on with the odd jobs quickly and effectively. Kids can also play with the flash light in the dark along with the parents to have fun in a wonderful manner. To help the kids gaining knowledge, organize a trip to the local museum where in the children will get valuable insight into the different events of the history.
  • In order to have fun with the kid’s parents should think on their feet to find creative ways of engaging them in an impeccable manner. For example, gather all the small boxes so that the kids could construct something out of them. They can build make shift homes for the pets or storage shelves for keeping necessary items.
  • Children like to paint themselves but they do not need to participate in any event for accomplishing the task.  Parents can buy the face paint kit comprising of step by step illustration on how to decorate the body in an amazing style.
  • While having vacation in the mountains, you can ask the kids to capture photo from the top to make the moment memorable.  Moreover, you can also accompany them to visit the light house or the old fort. Each parent should teach their children how to swim in water but care should be taken to ensure that the kids are protected.
  • Father and mother not only need to shoulder the responsibility of the children but also have a blast with them when required. Set aside the weekend for yourself so that you can enjoy the moment with the giggles of the children. It doesn’t matter whether you are tired; spending time with the children is of utmost importance.
  • While playing with children, be like them so that the whole environment reverberates with laughter. Initially you might feel uncomfortable however later on it becomes a habit as you will relish the time with the young ones. For instance, you can team up with the children and watch their favorite game show.
  • One of the most unique methods of keep the children busy is by singing songs using pots and pans. Generally children are tired of listening to the convention rhymes and poems; therefore they might like the novel idea.  As the kids grow old and become teenagers, you can indulge with them in adventurous games such as scuba diving. Plethoras of activities are available to keep the persons engaged without any hassles.
  • Some parents are too worried about their child becoming dirty while playing outside the house however one should not freak out. It is vital to maintain the calm and composure. Kids play because they are bundled with tremendous energy and you should enjoy their activities. There are many ideas that would go a long way in inspiring fun among the children. Playing football, baseball or cricket would help to instill in them focus, concentration and competitiveness. They are essential attributes necessary to make a person successful in life.
  • Majority of the parents suffer from low energy levels when they are having fun with the children. People want to join their kids but can’t do due to exhaustion. It is a serious situation and can only be controlled with the help of exercises. Parents on their part must eat good food that will help to keep the body and mind healthy to a great extent.  Brisk walking for about 15 minutes would go a long way in delivering exemplary results to the parents.
  • If the kids are old, you can arrange bike riding through the rugged terrain to provide them new experience as well as adventures. Furthermore, parents can also inculcate an interest in creating music.

In a nutshell, it can be said that if parents take a little time out from their daily routine, they can play a stellar role in bringing smiles on the cute faces of the kids.


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