Creative winter trees with birds – Tree wall decal

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This gorgeous vinyl wall decal set adds a modern rustic appeal to any room in your home. We love this mural sticker set in living rooms and bedrooms. The bare branches of the tree design along with the bird silhouettes are charming and trendy, without being overly feminine or cute.

We craft our designer vinyl wall murals with the best materials so you can be confident of the quality and value of your wall decor. Because application is as easy as peeling and sticking, you can easily change your room style whenever the fancy strikes. And our wall stickers won’t damage your paint or plaster. Perfect for apartment renters, dorm room residents, and homeowners who want to quickly and easily spruce up a room.

Love the design but not the brown color? Ask us how we can customize the colors to match your decor!

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Trees are approx. 93" high and 108" wide Composition looks the best if it goes from the baseboard ( skirting board ) to the ceiling. If you have higher ceiling we will make them taller: up to 110" (279 cm) at no extra charge. Let us know the size at checkout. (if no size chosen at checkout we will cut and send default size) Don't hesitate to contact us for any resizing.


Every Wallconsilia wall decal is handmade to order and we try to get every order out the door within two working days. Every package will have tracking number. Shipping including tracking number for this set is $20.00

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