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It is a well known fact that parents are quite worried about the kids and their safety because young ones tend to venture out and interact with people in real time situations. One should be alert enough to know with whom the children are communicating with, be it their friends, relatives or other individuals. Even inside home the kids are prone to accidents and other problems, therefore parents should be always on the vigil to ensure that the children are protected. There are certain precautions that have to be taken for their safety.

Rules and Guidelines:

When the kids are growing up, they are at an increased risk of physical and mental injuries. For instance, when the kids are going to school they need to be alerted about the possible dangers.  It is important that the child has the contact information in case of any eventuality. The kid must know your full address and name so that untoward incidents can be averted without any hassles. There have been many instances of child abduction in recent times\and the parents should be aware of the consequences.

One of the most important precautions that parents can take is not to print the name of the kid on the uniform or the school bag because strangers can become friendly with the child. It is a dangerous situation that might lead to kidnapping and other issues from a long term perspective.

When the child arrives home after the school, ask open ended questions about the events. If he or she is uncomfortable about any person, it is important to discuss the situation with the teacher and act accordingly. Regular communication with the kid would go a long way in finding solutions to the problems. The child should be encouraged to talk to the elders and discuss problems without any inhibitions.

Before enrolling the kids into the school, parents should check as to how the institution manages emergency situation associated with the kids. They must have advanced information about the school lockout to ensure that the kids are safe in adverse situations. Many parents are not ready for the unwarranted events resulting in lots of mental and physical problem s as aftermath. The contact information form has the emergency number and the address to which the school can contact if something happens to the child. Parents must also let the kids know about the information so that they do not get confused.

Parents must get actively involve with the child’s school to know more about the out of home activities. It is vital to join the volunteer groups so that you are in active touch with the child.  With proactive participation, parents can ensure child success in an easy and hassle free manner.

One of the most important attributes that parents can teach child is to make friends while at school. Regular interaction would help the kids to improve outlook about life and their surroundings. Children can be involved in different types of group activities and can also participate in the play dates. By communicating with their peers, the kids can enhance their personalities and feel confident about the presence. There are instances when the children become introvert and stop interacting with their friends. To avoid such situation, parents should always keep the communication channel open with the children. It will go a long way in delivering sterling results.

Another important activity for the parent is to indulge with the child in role play games. They are intuitive exercises that allow kids to solve the problems faced during difficult situations. It is a kind of simulation that prepares the children for the unfortunate incidents. For example, if the kid lost his lunch money, he can always tell the teacher about the situation and get the issue resolved without hiding anything.

To ensure safety of the children, a preprogrammed mobile phone with sets of contact numbers could be a boon. A child can use them when facing security or health problems while in school.  Kids going to school by bus must be taught by the parents about safety rules however he or she must call the adult after reaching the school. It ensures the protection and safety in wake of kidnappings of the children happening in recent times. In some cases, police are not able to recover the bodies of the young ones. Parents should always be on guard and monitor the movements of their sons and daughters.

It is important to check the behavior of the kids over a period of time. For instance, if the eating habits of the child are changing, it might lead to lots of problems in the long run. Sometimes toilet habits deliver a signal that something is wrong with the body and the child would need emergency help. If the kid is withdrawing himself into a shell, you should consult him and interact with the medical consultant for possible solutions. Changes in sleep pattern need to be watched carefully and action must be immediately taken to prevent the occurrence of any problem in the future.

Internet has become an integral part of the lives of people whether they are adults or kids. Children might meet unwanted people in the cyber space who might wish to take advantage of them. Hence, it is important to take necessary steps to maintain their safety and security. There are cases when children have received many hateful and insulting messages from the people located across the world on internet.

It is important to install the antivirus on the system to protect it from the Trojan horses or other types of malicious programs. The hackers might contact the children and lure them in clicking on the attachments so that they could steal vital financial information from the computers. Parents need to keep a close watch on the browsing habits of the kids to ensure that they do not visit the improper sites.  Parent control software can be installed to control the habits of the kids and ensure that they get only relevant information pertaining to the enhancement of the knowledge.  You can also create a good quality password for the internet connection to prevent Intrusions.  Parents must teach their kids not to click on the suspicious links or files seen on the internet as they might be carrying virus or other types of undesirable programs.

Cyber bullying is common problem faced by the kids whenever they logon to the social media websites on the internet.  Similarly chat services are also not secured because threatening messages are sent to the children using the medium. It is important to teach the child to generate appropriate response when faced with bullying on the internet. Parents must consult with the kids if they downloaded any suspicious file by mistake. Discussing the issue frankly can help to resolve the problem without any hassles or tantrums.

All the parents must work closely in coordination with the schools and local communities to prevent the menace of cyber bullying.  Kids are advised not to share their passwords even with closest friends as it might lead to manipulation of the accounts accompanied by the stealing of vital information.

Some parents think that the online world of the kids should be private but it is a huge mistake and can snow ball into a major problem if not attended to. Father and mother must be in loop about the information of the sites they are accessing during free time. It has been found that many criminal cases related to kids happened because of their continuous interaction with shady people on internet.

It is vital to decide the time span for which the kids would be logged on to the virtual world. You can also paste a list of dos and don’ts near the computer system for the children to follow while they are browsing on the internet. Children must also be told in no uncertain terms about the consequences of breaking the rules with regards to internet. Mothers can play a very important part in ensuring that their children do not become an object of cyber bullying.

In real time situation, parents are advised to build the trust with the kids so that they can tell the truth during difficult times. Whether its internet browsing, playing or studying parents must be an active participant and help the child if he or she is going astray. One of the most important techniques to increase the awareness of the children is to discuss with the indents in the news and know about their opinion. It will play a stellar role in ensuring that the kids and the parents are on the same page.

You should instruct children that they can be rude to the adults who are behaving inappropriately or passing snide remarks. If the situation goes out of hand, the parents must contact relevant authorities for the protection of their kids.  Safety must not be practiced only in the outside environment but also at home. For instance, bathing the kids in water is a great way to provide them relief but it can also be a hazard. It has been observed that only few inches of water can cause the drowning of the toddlers.  Therefore parents must be very careful with the newborns when they start to move around and explore new objects in their vicinity.

Parents must not leave their children near water even when they are busy. In cases of ringing door bell or phone call, you can pick up the child, wrap and put him up on the bed before proceeding ahead.  In case of swimming pool, make sure that it is properly fenced to prevent the kids from venturing near and causing damages to themselves.

Another source of accidents in the house could be medicines as the young kids have the tendency to put everything into the mouth.  Child proofing the home could go a long way in providing stress free environment to the parents. All the medicines must be locked into the cabinet because it will protect the kids from accidents and emergencies.  Rooms containing hazardous material for the children should be locked in a proper manner and must be opened only when required. A strict vigil needs to be maintained to prevent the toddlers from barging in.

Similarly cosmetics and toiletries need to be kept away from the children as they contain harmful chemicals. Majority of the kids have the tendency to imitate their parents on putting the perfumes or the lotions on their face resulting in damages to the tender skin.

Parents who are in the possession of firearms should be very careful as there have been many cases of accidental shootings in recent times. The weapons must not be loaded and locked safely away from the reach of the kids. Special types of gun safes are available to prevent the children from brandishing the weapons publicly.

When the toddlers are sleeping, it is vital to make sure that the area is free from any object that might cause suffocation. Mouth and the nose of the infant may get accidentally covered by the pillows leading to constriction in breathing.

Parents should discuss the matter of suffocation with the older kids so that are not careless while sleeping. Moreover, they should also not keep the furniture opened as the toddler might climb in out of curiosity. One should dispose of the unused refrigerator or dismantle its door as it may harm the kids.

It is important to keep the plastic sacs out of the reach because they are known to cause suffocation and pollute the atmosphere. Majority of the kids get injured in the house due to electrical accidents. In order to prevent such a scenario wall socket must be covered so that the young ones do not put their hands into them. Proper grounding on the electrical devices would go a long way in protecting the family members from the health hazard.

In a nutshell , responsible parenting requires the father and mother to help the kids in ensuring safety and security outside and inside the house.

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