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New mommies are often overwhelmed with parenting.  It is a full time job that might drain you of all your energy. Raising kids will need a lot of effort from you. From cooking the right meal to finding the right dress, you will have to do a lot in order to provide the best parenting to your children. However, even after doing all this, you have to ensure that your kids don’t just grow old, but they grow up as well.

No child is too small to learn a few life lessons. These lessons can begin when he is a toddler and can continue as the child grows older. These lessons will help the kids grow into great people who are not just kind and considerate but sensitive to others as well. In addition to this, you can also be sure that your kids will become great parents themselves. So let us not waste any more time on the introductions and check which life lessons are essential for our kids.

Life lessons that you need to teach your kids

Teach them good manners

‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ can change the way a person behaves. These two words can really cast a magic spell on the speaker as well as the listener. Make sure that you make your children speak these two words whenever needed. Teach them that saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ will make them better human beings and will also make them more likeable. In this way, you will be able to ensure that your children learn a great habit for a lifetime. Don’t you feel pleased when someone says thank you? Imagine how others would feel about your children when they say the same.

Teach them to smile

Smiling is certainly not counted as a life lesson for most people. However, whenever you get time, tell you children to smile. It is an instant mood booster for your kids as well as the people around them. Don’t tell them to make a poker face in the name of etiquettes. Let them smile and spread happiness all around. These tender souls need to understand the value of a smile. It can make someone’s day. So why not ask them to give you their biggest and broadest smile. It will make your day for sure.

Show gratitude

Yes, saying ‘Thank You’ is a great thing, but you also have to teach your kids different ways in which they could show their gratitude. It is not a habit they can cultivate. Instead, it is a feeling that they would show when they don’t get the things that they want. Your children will definitely say thank you if you buy the latest gaming console for them. However, what happens when you do not have enough finances to buy something like that? This is exactly where gratitude comes into play.

Teach your children to stay happy and satisfied in what they have. Of course, they will also want to have the best gadgets and clothes in town. Though it may not be possible for them to get it, they should be happy with what they have. When they grow up and they are tempted again by such choices, they would always choose satiation with existing things over the temptation of something ‘new and better’. In this way, your children will be saved from falling into the traps of a consumeristic society. Moreover, they will be able to satisfy all their needs without really having to run behind the ‘so called best’.

Speak the truth

Your children must learn to speak the truth. You never know when an innocent lie can turn into a habit. You must ensure that your kids come and tell you if they have committed a mistake or if they feel strongly about something. This could help you in guiding your children in the right direction. Speaking the truth demands a lot of courage. However, listening to the truth demands even more courage and patience.

Most parents go wrong here. They tell their children to speak the truth. When the child does so, they get baffled and angry. Sometimes, they even punish the child. In such a circumstance, the child learns that speaking the truth would only bring criticism and punishment their way. Hence, they start telling you comfortable lies. This is clearly the worst way to teach your children a life lesson. It is better that you lend your children a patient ear when they speak the truth to you. They may have broken up your favorite vase or messed up your mirror with your favorite Estee Lauder lipstick. Be patient, listen and do not over react. Handle the situation calmly and try to teach your child how to rectify that situation.

Stand up for themselves

The incidents of bullying are common, even with toddlers. Hence, you must teach your children to stand up for themselves. They should not give in to pressure. Let them understand the difference between right and wrong and then let them stand for what they choose. The children often feel reluctant to go into the same trauma again and again. Therefore, they avoid places where they feel like a misfit or where they get bullied. In such situations, they must learn to respect themselves and take a stand for themselves.

Be sensitive to others and their feelings

When your child goes out, she will probably meet many people. Some children instantly develop strong likes and dislikes for different people and things. In such a situation, you have to tell your children to keep their choice but also to be sensitive to others feelings. They should not hurt anyone with their words or their deeds. In case they do so, they would be bringing same hatred their way. Tell them not to insult people and to behave themselves at all times.

Some people let their children throw things here and there when at home. The same people wish their children did not throw the cereal packets in the local supermarket and behaved themselves. Children cannot discriminate between your public and private image. If they don’t behave well at home, they will never do so outside. They will disturb the peace and even intrude into the personal space of other people if they do not behave properly. Teach them these things at home and they will never create a problem when you are away.

Teach them respect

Yes, it is important to respect people who are elder to you. Respecting teachers, older relatives and parents is something that every child learns. However, have you ever made your children learn about respecting their peers and even those who are younger to them? Have you ever wondered if your children respect animals and birds? Do your children respect themselves? If not, then make sure that you teach them the same. It is only when your children learn these things that they become better people.

If you find a child who greets you very well but starts beating your dog just for fun, you will also cringe at the sight and dislike the child. The same can happen with your kids as well. So make sure that you have made provisions in advice in order to teach them respect. Remember, respect is for everyone, no matter who.

Teach them about money

Children should not be involved in any decisions related to money in your household. The kids do not have to spend time in understanding what tax returns you were talking about. They would either overthink it or avoid it completely. When you wish to teach your children about money, do not start by telling them about what taxes and mortgages are all about and how much money you owe on your home finance. That is not necessary. Instead of this, give your children their own money to manage and ensure that they are spending it wisely. You should tell them about saving their money as well. It can also be possible that you give them a few incentives for saving their money. It would help you a lot in inculcating saving habits which would certainly help your children in the long run.

Teach them to read and play

Though it may sound a little old school, teaching your children to read and play will definitely be a very good step by you. A great book can act as a great friend to your child. Hence, it is essential that they learn to read. Moreover, it is equally important that your children learn to play as well. They have their video games that take them to a fantasy world where they can play the hero. However, it would also be great if your children go out and play with other kids. Even if they are playing with each other, it would be okay. This would give them the much needed physical activity. In addition to this, they will grow up faster and stronger and their development would also be better than their peers. This is not all, children learn some good qualities like collaboration, team work and co-operation when they play with other kids. Hence, it is a win-win situation for them.

Teach them to lose gracefully

Children will often enter competitive situations. Just like the adults, winning a competition becomes a prestige issue for most of the kids as well. However, there will only be one winner. It is not customary that your child will win each time. Hence, he must learn to lose gracefully. He must accept that he lost and must also learn to congratulate the winner. Finally, he must ensure that he either looks into the reasons why he has lost and improve those fields or forget about the loss completely and come back home smiling. Tell the kids that it is okay to lose as long as they are giving their best and they will always get a second chance to prove their mettle. This is one of the most important qualities that the children need to learn about. However, if he children fail to understand that failure is okay, they may become too self-centered or obsessed with success. Chances are also high that they would never compete again for the fear of failure.

Teach them about being comfortable and confident

Though this is a life lesson that most adults need to learn, you should tell your children to be confident and comfortable with themselves. Tell them that they can be who they are without giving in to peer pressure. Let them know that they are unique and beautiful and they should walk like they are the king. It helps boost the confidence of your child.

Make sure that you don’t force your child to do anything. It is generally no use to you. The child will only become stubborn and will stop listening to you altogether. Before you start teaching life lessons to your kids, you should learn these lessons yourself. After all, the kids always follow their parents’ footsteps. If you disrespect your elders, shout at each other and show aggressive behavior, your children will do exactly the same. The kids tend to imitate the people around them. Hence, it is very essential that you present the best of yourself to your kids. Yes, it would be very difficult at first. However, for the love of your children, it is only a small effort that you will have to make.

In the end, we would like to suggest that you should stand by your child at all times. They are innocent and unaware of the ways of the world. They will commit mistakes. Don’t expect your children to be perfect, just try to make them good human beings. If you follow this guide, we hope that you will raise great kids who would not only be loved by you but everyone around them. From this day on, start learning each of these life lessons together with your kids and create a better environment for them to thrive.

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