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Tips to organize impeccable baby showers

The baby shower ceremony is organized after childbirth for mothers so that guests could arrive and celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show. It’s an auspicious time to offer gifts that would be useful for a newborn and parents.  While organizing the baby shower party, it is important to focus on the different aspects of celebrations that have to be taken care off to ensure that the arriving guests can relish the ambiance. They are enumerated in the following paragraph:

Setting up the theme of the party:

  • Before creating a plan for the party, it is important to devise a theme according to the surrounding of the ambiance and timing of the occasion. The décor of the baby room helps in the selection of the theme that can assume bright colors ranging from yellow color to pink. Some engaging themes center on favorite princess, baseball player or firefighters.
  • One can also place toys or icons such as stork and balloons that will transform the mood of the participants. Playing a children song or using the cartoon TV characters like DORA the explorer would go a long way in making people happy. If you want to make the theme more innovative, it can be created on any of the mother’s hobbies or the cultural heritage of the family.
  • Prior to the birth of the newborn, the mother undergoes a nesting period; therefore the theme can be suggestive of the prevailing mood. As a result, a combination of Manzanita branches, decorative images of the chirpy birds and nests from the local craft shop will transform a house into natural surroundings. The centerpiece of the party table is populated with an array of bird cages.
  • Baby shower organization also includes activities such as purchasing old vinyl records and decorating them with incredible designs so that they could be placed in appropriate positions to attract the attention of the guests.

Inviting people from the party:

  • Baby shower is known for giggles and laughter that would go a long way in creating an instant impression on the people. Selecting the right kind of baby shower invitation will result in lots of stress.
  • Any invitation that is to be designed must reflect the personality of the mother because the baby shower is organized in her honor. Guests visiting the mother comprise of young females that are going to moms in the future or the relatives that might be conservative.
  • Over the top and stylish invitation cards might not go down well with the relatives who are conservative. While sending out invitation to the guests, ask them question about their preferences, gifts and also directions.
  • If the gender of the baby is known, it is quite easy to design the invite without any hassles. For instance, Baby shower organization comprises of invitation designed with the help of the images of tractors or the airplanes.  Girl baby shower invitation consists of signature matte and images of the baby doll
  • It is important to make sure that the baby shower invitation is of impeccable quality. In a nutshell color, layout and design must attract the attention of the people. They must be beautiful and eye catchy so that guests plan out in advance to visit the party. Therefore, one should shop keeping in mind that everybody would be excited by the appearance of the invitation.
  • Another important aspect to watch for during baby shower is the food and a drink for the arriving guests. \While preparing the food, one should always keep in the mind the interest of the mother.
  • For instance, Mississippi mud cake is a very popular food assortment that would delight a lot of people. It comprises of cocoa, large beaten eggs, salt and flour that are mixed together to create incredible varieties of cakes.
  • Moreover, if the baby shower is celebrated in a restaurant, the hosts can create food menu in consultant with the local staff. For instance, diapers filled with dinner mints can be served proving to be an interesting and a funny option. The candy food is packed by combining the three edges of the napkin together to provide a shape of a diaper.
  • One of the most important components of food during the party is fruit because works like an appetizer for digestion. Many fruits could be combined and presented as a salad during the baby shower. Apart from being tasty, they create a positive impact on the health of the mother by providing necessary antioxidants.
  • While preparing the necessary menu, food allergies of the guests should be kept in mind to avoid unpleasant incidents during Lunch or dinner.
  • Vegetable lovers will like to hog on to broccoli, celery, cauliflower and baby carrots as they are full of vitamins, as well as minerals. Guests can be particular impressed with the served food if they are equipped with ranch dressing.
  • If the baby shower is celebrated similarly to the afternoon tea party, cucumber sandwiches prove to be the best options as they are favorite food of the guests. Hosts must cut the sandwiches in a particular style to make them look like an attractive menu option.
  • People can make an innovative lunch by cooking cheese buffalo chicken dip consisting of ranch dressing, cream cheese, cooked chicken, and cheddar cheese. They are combined, kept in a microwave oven for 30 minutes and served to the guests who relish the amazing taste of the sandwiches.
  • As far as drinks are concerned, martinis could be served without alcohol. It will make people feel more at ease without compromising on the health perspective.  Moreover, if the pregnant mother is not comfortable with alcohol, beverages such as coffee, tea, punch and soda are presented in different forms. The tea is served with a hot pot full of water and leaf packets exhibiting beautiful aroma.
  • One of the most innovative methods to drink water during the baby shower is using a baby bottle as glasses. The nipples can be removed, and colorful straws or umbrella is kept inside to make the guests happy and amused.
  • For accentuating the Baby Shower organization, dessert is an unusual alternative. It is tasty and delicious because of the presence of butter, milk, sugar and the cocoa powder. They are mixed together and fried over high temperature to provide sumptuous experience to the guests.
  • According to the experts, the baby shower should be hosted at least 3 months before pregnancy. Parents can purchase necessary goods for the baby if they are not able to get them as gifts. Total duration of the baby shower party must be about 2 to 3 hours to ensure that things are not being rushed into. It is a well-known fact that arriving of guests, chatting and serving the food are time-consuming activities, and they cannot be completed within an hour.
  • For hosting, the party, it is important to avail the help of people so that would be mom is not exposed to unnecessary pressure. While selecting the guest of honor, ensure that a person loves the concept of surprises and relishes the baby shower party.
  • Invitation card should contain the date, time, last name of would be mom, venue with a map to indicate directions so that the guests do not face hassles while searching the location.  Men can be invited to the party of it is not traditional and resembles a \modern get together. Therefore, games are not played but people socialize with each other. In such cases, lunch menu has to be modified to suit the male palettes.
  • If the mom is pregnant, guests are aware of the gifts that have to be given to the host.  One can suggest people to purchase objects that revolve round a particular theme. It will go a long way in the pleasing the “would be a mother. On their part, guests can use creative containers comprising of various assortments to make the party memorable for the parents. Another innovative method to present the desired gift is by wrapping it with colorful diapers.
  • Buying a baby shower gift for an experienced mom could be a tricky task because she must be having all the necessary things required for the new born baby. In such scenarios, if the mom already has a body she may need baby girl gifts such as feminine linens, diapers and other types of accessories.
  • If the mother doesn’t require baby products, it might be time to shower her with gifts that any lady would love. For example, gift certificate for a free massage can do a whirl of good. You can also top it with gifts like champagne or a beautiful costume that will make the guest of honor appear sensuous as well as attractive.
  • One must not take the entire workload of organizing baby shower because it can become problematic and tiresome.  If some of your friends are offering help, it is important to involve them so that the task is completed quickly within a specified time limit. Small tasks like reading the invitation or implementing the decoration plans could be delegated to different people who are willing to participate.
  • If large numbers of guests are being invited to the party, one must ensure that the preparation of food and drink is outsourced to a catering organization to make the whole process hassle free. Professional will take care of the guest’s needs by including the menu according to the requirements and the specification of the host.
  • During the preparation of the party, particular attention must be given to the tableware including cups, glasses, plates, utensils, serving pieces and punch bowls. One can use real dishes or serve the guests with vessels made of plastic or paper.
  • Budget is another criterion that might factor during the effective organization of the event. The venue and other items are rented however selection depends on the cost and cumulative expenditure. Moreover, various products such as balloons, candles, and various decorations for the tables have to be purchased.
  • It is important to take photos while party is in progress so that people would remember wonderful times after seeing the snaps few years later. To get exemplary photographs, hiring a professional videographer would be an excellent step on the part of the pregnant mother.
  • If you are operating on a tight budget, host a party at your house as restaurant rentals are very costly. A more suitable alternative could be a public park as it is vast and spacious. Prior to the hosting of the party, make sure that necessary permission is obtained from the local authorities. Instead of using conventional mail for sending invitation, usage of online email tool is beneficial as the expenditure on the paper could be minimized.
  • As far as décor is concerned, the items should be purchased from the wholesaler dealers because they offer discount as compared to the retailers. For instance, you can get online quotations from the warehouses in the city to get the best prices for balloons or the lightning system.  The tableware is purchased from the shops that provide unbelievable deals during the Christmas festivities.
  • The venue of the baby shower is studded with lots of flowers belonging to different varieties. Also, you can cut the cost by visiting the local florist and buying flowers for further customization. If you are selecting a single type of flower, it will go a long way in reducing the decoration expenditure.
  • Although hiring caterer can be a better option, people looking to cut cost might choose to prepare the dinner on their own. It is quite easy to finger sandwiches, fruits and some tasty crackers at home. Caterers demand a huge amount of money in the form of services and tips. You can make fabulous dishes by purchasing vegetables from the local grocery store. Besides, friends can prepare a dessert for the party so that hosts save money on buying costly cakes, as well as ice creams.

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